David Sherwin Lists Top Ten Design Business Failures

DESIGNERS. In a blog post on Imprint.com, author David Sherwin talked about a new book he is writing called “Design Business from A to Z.” The book is scheduled to be published by HOW Books in late 2012.

He notes that the increased connectivity and heightened need for interaction with clients has changed the designer’s typical workday: “We traded some of our focus on the tangible, designed work product for the ability to manage the higher-order details more aggressively. We’ve been tossed more projects to juggle than ever, and penalized more heavily when we sully one by dropping it in the dirt.”

Sherwin believes that “If we want to preserve the integrity and quality of what we feel is great design work, we need to cultivate not only our design practice, but our savvy as a design businessperson.”

Every two weeks, Sherwin plans to post a part of a chapter on Imprint with the prefix “DesignBiz.” He will be inviting readers to comment on the chapters in progress.  He will consider the best quotes and suggestions for inclusion in the book.

To provide a taste of the type of content the book will provide, Sherwin posted the presentation below on Slideshare.  (If you’re not yet familiar with Slideshare, it’s a terrific research and learning resource! It provides additional exposure for conference speakers while letting you view some of the thousands of presentations prepared for conferences and events nationwide.)


Imprint: Introducing DesignBiz


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