Visual Design Pros Will Find Inspiration at HOW Design Live

Visual design professionals must keep pace with the multitude of changes in technologies, trends, and ideas that are affecting how we work, shop, and live. Because employers and clients expect designers to continually deliver fresh ideas and solutions, the HOW Design Live Conference for visual design professionals has updated the scope and content of its educational programs.

The 2016 HOW Design Live Conference is scheduled for May 19-23 at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta. The conference program will bring together creators from design, art, culture, tech, and business to share their stories and accomplishments.

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“How Design Live is a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of inspiring speakers — an unbelievable line-up of luminaries,” said Gary Lynch, HOW Design Group Show Director. “Many have referred to the event as the TED of the design and creative community. It’s the best platform for professionals to gather an incredible amount of design inspiration and creative wisdom ”

Six program tracks enable creatives to discover new ways of thinking about their careers and insights into how design influences business strategies. The six program tracks include:

  • Design and Creativity
  • In-house Management
  • Vision and Leadership
  • Branding and Packaging
  • The Creative Entrepreneur
  • Interactive Design
  • Tools and Resources

Some presentations will give you a glimpse into technologies that can affect your work

Sci-Fi Meets Reality: The Future of Design
In a mind-bending keynote presentation, futurist Amy Webb will show how technology and design will soon begin to intersect in weird and wonderful ways. She will explain how algorithms are being used to design products, communities, and experiences. Webb will challenge designers to think hard about what to do now to prepare.

Other technology-related sessions will cover real-time data-driven design, designing for 3D, design challenges for a global audience, cinematic techniques for user-experience design, principles of motion design, and tools for taming the workflow beast.

Some sessions address the fact that many creative professionals want to do side projects that will may lead to new business opportunities or personal fulfillment.

Excuses Holding Entrepreneurs Back
Mona Patel, author of the bestselling book “Reframe: Shift the Way You Work, Innovate and Think,” will talk about four “excuse personas” that cause people to hesitate from pursuing ideas for new businesses.

Just Shoot It: Photos and Videos for Personal and Professional Creative Projects
In this 2-hour, hands-on workshop, designer and author Jim Krause will show how to use your designer’s eye and creative brain to come up with compelling images. Whether you use a pocket digital camera, a DSLR, or a smartphone camera, you can create images that look good enough for professional assignments or personal projects.

Licensing Know-How: Creative New Revenue Streams from Art + Design
The licensing industry generates $158.8 billion a year in worldwide retail sales. In this class, J’net Smith will detail how licensing works and  provide tips for recognizing  potential opportunities to license your art and designs in the marketplace.

Ignite Your Passion Project: A Side-Gig Seminar and Connecting Event
If there’s something you’re burning to create, but feel stuck in getting it started, this evening event might fire up your motivation Conference attendees and presenters will talk about how they have fostered successful side gigs, fulfilled their creative urges, and launched new businesses.

A full list of speakers and sessions can be found at Early-bird registration rates are available until April 1, 2016

Photoshop World Attendees Get One-Year Membership to Adobe Creative Cloud

PSWorldCoverPHOTOGRAPHERS. DESIGNERS. Have you ever attended a Photoshop workshop in which attendees were using various versions of the software? It slows down the pace of instruction and the relevance of the question-and-answer session. That’s why a new offer initiated by Scott Kelby of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals is a stroke of genius.

Kelby Media Group and NAPP have announced that Adobe will provide a free one-year Adobe® Creative CloudTM membership to all registered attendees of the 2013 Photoshop World Conference and Expo from September 4-6 in Las Vegas.

Photoshop World, which is produced by NAPP, attracts creative people from all backgrounds and skills levels. Teachers, students, amateurs, and pros convene at Photoshop World for classes on Photoshop, Lightroom,  photography techniques, lighting, graphic design, and building a creative-services business.

With Creative Cloud memberships, all Photoshop World attendees will have access to the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Acrobat, and more. Plus, attendees will get new features and upgrades as soon as they are available. Creative Cloud memberships also offer file sharing services and access to publishing apps and websites. Creative Cloud members can publish a customized portfolio on their own URL and plug into the Behance creative community.

The one-year Creative Cloud membership is valued at $600. Until August 2, a full conference registration for Photoshop World is $598 for non-members of NAPP and $499 for NAPP members. Photoshop World alumni get a $50 discount, and non-members get a one-year NAPP membership which includes 10 issues of Photoshop User magazine and access to online classes and tutorials.


Adobe Creative Cloud


Redesign Your Career at HOW Design Live Conference

HOW Design Conference LogoDESIGNERS.  Some of the session descriptions for the 2011 HOW Design Conference in Chicago reinforce my belief that creative professionals in all fields are experiencing similar concerns. We want to support ourselves doing more of the work we love. We want to know how emerging media technologies will change our work. We want to keep learning new skills so we can be more productive and efficient. And we want our thought processes, talents, and contributions to commerce and culture to be recognized and valued. 

Below are some of the session descriptions that caught my eye:


Developing Addictive Experiences for the iPad and Other Interactive Tablets
The iPad and other interactive tablets have created new opportunities for designers to develop compelling and personal interactive experiences. But designing for the new medium requires you to mix both your print and interactive design skills. David Link, a co-founder and creative director of The Wonderfactory, will use some of the firm’s newest iPad projects to illustrate the creative process from concept to finished product.

Creating the Martha Stewart Living iPad Digital Magazine App for the iPad
We’re entering a whole new media era—and this is your chance to see how one magazine is taking full advantage. Gael Towey will show how the creative directors and editors at Martha Stewart Living are using the newest tools and technologies to create deeper experiences for their readers. She’ll outline stories that were shot intentionally to take advantage of the new interactive features from Adobe, and show you how the team transitioned from still pages to cinematic imagery, design, and storytelling. See how your own opportunities will be expanded as a result of new features and current technologies.

The Creative Team of the Future
As quickly as technology evolves, so too do the responsibilities of creative professionals. Now more than ever, you’re being asked to develop multi-faceted, fully integrated campaigns that require close collaboration both within and outside your department. Donna Farrugla of The Creative Group look at these and other challenges designers face in the workplace right now—and what challenges will face the changing creative team of the future. You’ll learn specific actions you can take to improve your marketability and prepare for future career success.

Business DevelopmentThe Creative Side of Growing a Design Business
If you think creativity only comes into play when you’re actually designing, think again. Marketing expert Peleg Top will show you how to use your creative energy—as well as your creative process—to grow your own design business, attract the clients you want, and make the kind of money your work deserves.

Turning Your Creative Obsessions into Opportunities
Whether it’s collecting, drawing, imagining or writing, we all have creative obsessions that we tend to neglect for fear that they’re a waste of time—or because they’re not billable. But some designers have been able to turn their obsessions into profitable, well-known projects through books, websites, or even just an expanded client base. Armin Vit, of UnderConsideration, will show you different ways to channel your own creative pursuits and provide tips for making sure they get noticed.

Lead Generation 101: How to Make Your Website into a Business-Generating Machine.
Would you like to have more work from better clients who pay you reasonable fees to do work you’re exceptionally proud of? Who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, a lot of designers don’t get the volume and quality of work they want because they’re missing the boat on self-promotion. In this session, Mark O’Brien, will take you through the steps you need to turn your website into a resource that will attract the right clients, get them excited about your work, and compel them to get in touch with you.

Make and Sell Your Own Products
Since you already have the skills and aptitude for product design, why not start your own line? Using examples from her own and other designers’ experiences, Heather Lins will offer tips on developing your own product line from start to finish. You’ll look at self-producing vs. outsourcing, pick up tips on pricing and even get a crash course in DIY public relations.

Career Development

How the New Kids on the Block Do It
Designer Mig Reyes will expose the habits of successful young creatives, showing how to use their example to find your own success. He will suggest that you:

  • Keep making stuff: The more you create, the more you’ll discover what works and what doesn’t.
  • Pursue self-initiated projects: Your heart is in the projects that you want to do, and your work is always better when your heart is in it.
  • Ship and publish, publish and ship: Whether it’s drawing a monster every day, or writing a thoughtful blog post once a week, the creative who consistently puts work out there ends up winning.

Influence in Business through Design Thinking
Learn how to elevate your work beyond the bounds of what’s cool, and establish yourself as a strategic thought partner. Method’s Matthew Lloyd will show you how to use the tools you already possess to tell compelling business stories and become a true business partner.

Critiques: Power Tool or Power Trip?
Nurturing talent is fundamental to growth. But the human tendency is to focus on what’s wrong or missing in a design—leading to adversarial critiques that crush the creative spirit and leave the designer with little direction. The critique approach developed by Jaime Pescia and Tip Quilter incites curiosity and encourages a fun, collaborative atmosphere. They’ll share tips on blending compassion with confrontation and balancing technical consideration with human dynamics. See how to remove ego from the process (yours and the designer’s) in service of the project’s goals and objectives.

About the Conference

The HOW Design Conference, June 24-27,  is one of four conferences that will be held during the HOW Design Live event that will run from June 22-27 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago. HOW Design Live is sponsored by HOW magazine, the creative and business resource for graphic designers. The other three conferences are the:

  • InHOWse Managers Conference (June 24-27) for in-house team managers;
  • Creative Freelancers Conference (June 23-24) for solopreneurs, including writers, photographers, illustrators, and other creative professionals.
  • Dieline Package Design Conference (June 22-24) for package designers.

 For full details about all of the educational sessions and networking events at HOW Design Live, visit


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