MindStir Media Can Set You Up with a Virtual Book Tour

MindStir Media LogoWRITERS. If you’re not sure you have all of the skills needed to publish and promote a book, check out the wide range of services offered by MindStir Media. This self-publishing/book marketing company is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all of the support services that a self-publishing author might need, including:

  • Ghost writing
  • Copy editing
  • Cover design
  • ISBN assignment
  • Copyright registration
  • On-demand printing
  • Ebook and Audiobook conversions
  • Distribution to major booksellers
  • Press release development and distribution
  • Website design
  • Online advertising assistance
  • Virtual book tours

The company even offers book-signing kits that contain 500 bookmarks, 500 postcards, 500 business cards, and 25 posters.

MindStir services can be purchased separately (a la carte) or in packages.

The company’s newest service is a Convenience Book Tour, in which MindStir will set up a month-long online/virtual promotional book tour for you. They will help you get exposure your book on 20 high-traffic blogs, including some that are syndicated into USA Today, Chicago Times, or the Wall Street Journal. While MediaStir handles all of the “bookings” for your promotional tour, you will write guest blog posts, take part in author interviews, and/or receive book reviews by bloggers.  You don’t even have to leave your home.

The book tour service includes:

  • a personalized tour page with your tour schedule, book cover, book cover, and ordering information.
  • a personalized tour banner graphic for your tour page, website, or blog.
  • a press release announcing your book tour.
  • advertising on social networks, e-groups, and blogs.


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