New Book Explains Virtual Reality Photography

Cover of Virtual Reality BookPHOTOGRAPHERS. Virtual reality (VR) photography provides a powerful way to deliver useful information to website visitors. By enabling viewers to interact with panoramic photography in a 360-degree circle or spherical views, a website can offer “virtual tours” of a site or facility.

VR photography is a popular way to showcase tourist destinations, real-estate developments, hotels, museums, convention-center facilities, college campuses, and medical, health care, and fitness centers. High-quality VR photography can give viewers a sense of being there.

If you have considered adding VR imaging services to your photography business, check out the new Virtual Reality Photography book by expert Scott Highton.

The richly illustrated 320-page book includes 24 detailed chapters on both the artistic and technical aspects of VR photography. The four main sections cover the basics of photography, panoramic and object VR imaging, and business practices.

Peter Skinner wrote a detailed review of the book in April, 2011 issue of Rangefinder magazine. You can also learn more about the book and the field of VR Photography on Highton’s website:


Book: Virtual Reality Photography


2 thoughts on “New Book Explains Virtual Reality Photography”

  1. This is a really great comprehensive book on panoramic and object VR photography. Scott explains everything in clear, easy to understand language accompanied by great illustrations and examples. There’s valuable discussion about making your own gear and how to pack for travel.

    The first section covering photography basics could be a college textbook by itself, as could the last section on business practices. The meat of the book on panoramic and object VR techniques is probably the most complete resource available anywhere.

    I feel like I learn something new almost every time I open this book, and I’ve been a professional photographer for over 20 years!

  2. Wow! What a great book. I’m now expanding my client services to include virtual tours, and this book has been by far the best resource for learning techniques and how to choose from the many technology options out there. I’ve learned so much about panorama VR photography, but also basic photography principles that I’d forgotten (or maybe didn’t learn in the first place).

    This is one book doesn’t just sit on my shelf. It’s inspiring! I feel like I learn something new every time I read part of it.

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