Site Helps Educate Potential Users of Stock Photography

The growth of blogging, self-publishing, and content-marketing means that more people than ever before are involved in producing online articles, e-books, webinar presentations, and publications. Many of these new content publishers haven’t been schooled in journalism, graphic design, or photography and aren’t aware of copyright laws that protect images on the Internet. Even if they are aware of copyright laws, some people believe that the Internet is public domain and that all images can be used for free.

A new website called intends to clear up some of this confusion, while teaching both new and seasoned buyers about their options for buying stock photography. is designed to be an international, comprehensive guide that connects new users, industry professionals, and stock photography agencies.

“Stock photography and the buying stock photos has been complex for years, and it is our goal to make it user-friendly for all stock photo purchasers,” says StockPhotoSecrets founder Amos Struck. He is also the founder and editor of Stock Photo Press, a publishing company that operates several German and international magazines that teach people how to buy and sell stock photos.

Screen shot of StockPhotoSecrets

Some of the articles on explain:

  • how to pick the right photo for your blog or website
  • when you can use editorial image licenses
  • how to purchase photos from Flickr
  • how to order the right size for printing posters

Other features on the site include reviews of various stock-photo agencies, special offers, and video tutorials on working with stock photos.

As more people learn about the benefits of buying stock photography, the market will grow and photographers will have to worry less about having their copyrighted images used without their permission.



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