LuxFolio Lets You Show 3D Photos and Designs on Your iPad

The LuxFolio™ Stereoscopic Portfolio iPad app ($2.99) lets you view and present 3D stereoscopic images on your iPad or a connected monitor, TV, or projector. The images can be produced with special 3D cameras or mounts or with 3D rendering software.

The app was produced by Luxology, an independent technology company in Mountain View, California that is developing next-generation 3D content-creation software. Luxology’s flagship product is modo 3D rendering software that is used by film and broadcast artists, computer graphics specialists, photographers, packaging designers, game developers, and web designers.

In the LuxFolio app, Images can be viewed in one of three ways:

The 2-up mode displays both images side-by-side and is designed to support connected stereoscopic video displays.

The wobble mode shifts between left and right views to simulate the act of moving your head side-to-side to see the stereo parallax of a scene.

The anaglyph mode works with commonly available red-blue 3D glasses. This view combines the two sides of the stereo pair using different colors, so that the left image is mostly blocked by the blue filter over the right eye, and the right image is blocked by the red filter over the left eye.

Modo screenshot on LuxFolio. Courtesy of Luxology.

You can organize images into slideshows with adjustable slide duration, plus manual forward, backwards and pause controls. Full screen iPad viewing is supported with zoom and pan functionality using standard iPad gestures.

“The LuxFolio app lets customers of modo and various other 3D software packages view their stereo assets on the go,” said Brad Peebler, president and co-founder of Luxology. “We are just beginning to tap into the image presentation and processing capabilities of the iPad and look forward to presenting customers with new and exciting options in the future.”