Ponoko Can 3D Print and Glaze Ceramics

DESIGNERS. Ponoko has made a new material available for 3D printing projects: Glazed Ceramics. The objects are printed with an alumina silica ceramic powder and sealed with porcelain and silica. The ceramic pieces can be coated with a lead-free, non-toxic white glaze that makes them food-safe and heat-resistant.

A ZCorp 3D printing machine is used to form each ceramic piece layer by layer, using an inkjet head to deposit binder onto a bed of compacted powder. The powder is layered and cured in succession until the object is formed.

The Materials section of the Ponoko website provides a detailed description of the ceramic printing, firing, and glazing process as well as design tips.

Other materials that Ponoko can 3D print include durable gloss plastic, gold plate, stainless steel, superfine plastic, cardboard, corrugated card, upholstery leather, felt, russet leather, verge tanned leather, aluminum, PETG, acrylic, styrene, silicone, melamine finished MDF, hardboard, bamboo, veneer MDF, and plywood.


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