See Digital Canvas and Other Advanced Displays at Miami Art and Design Shows

ARTISTS. DESIGNERS. The art lovers gathering in Miami this week for Art Basel Miami Beach, Design Miami, PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, and Artexpo’s Miami SOLO show will see some innovative digital displays and concepts specifically for the fine art market. The displays feature specialized optical enhancements and  electronics, as well as frames designed to appeal to institutional or individual art collectors.

Planar Systems, a leading provider of specialty display systems and an innovator
in architectural displays, will be supporting the exhibits of 50 artists at Design Miami, Miami SOLO show, and PULSE. Some of their displays will feature creatively designed video walls; others will incorporate Samsung’s new SM’ART liquid-crystal canvas panels.


"Flowers" by Simon Bull on Samsung Sm'art Liquid Crystal Canvas panel

Liquid Crystal Canvas Panels

At Artexpo’s Miami SOLO show, Planar and Samsung Electronics will be displaying the works of 30 emerging artists on Samsung’s SM’ART “liquid-crystal canvas panels.” Samsung’s canvas panels are designed to capture the brushstrokes and colors of original paintings with LED backlighting. Planar has fine tuned the panels to capture the brilliance of each painting.

“We believe that the digital fine art market has a great opportunity to create a new ecosystem for consumers and collectors to be able to select, purchase, and then enjoy art just like they do in a gallery today,” said Scott Birnbaum, vice president of new business development for Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

"Sunny House" by Kent Wallis on Samsung Sm'art Liquid Crystal Canvas panel

In Miami, Planar and Samsung will not only be showcasing their innovations, they will also be exploring the many ways artists, gallerists, and collectors might want to use digital displays. For example, here are some of the possibilities.

  • Collectors will be able to own the digital rights to “ageless” limited editions. The art can be selected, purchased and delivered seamlessly from archives stored in the cloud, without the risks associated with shipping and physical deterioration.
  • Wall art displays can easily be changed electronically according to the art buyer’s mood, design décor, party theme, or season.
  • Veteran and emerging artists alike can expand their exposure and initiate “digital collector clubs” that put them directly in touch with digital buyers from around the world.

“Samsung Sm’art LCD technology has broken through the barriers of technology and art,” said Eric Smith, CEO of Artexpo’s Miami SOLO. “We believe it heralds a new paradigm for collectors, publishers and institutional buyers.”

At the Artexpo-sponsored show, Planar and Samsung will present art by Artexpo studio artists such as Malena Assing, Michael Bedoian, Jeanne Bessette, James Caldwell III, Charles C. Carter, Lynette Joel, Roland Morin, Kristen Naugle, Tina Palmer, Hans Petersen, Lisa-Anne Rego, Ilene Richard, Suzanne Strock, and Kent R. Wallis. Their art will feature multiple paint mediums and styles from traditional to contemporary.

Samsung’s  liquid-crystal canvas panels will also be used to highlight a new type of “moving art,” that fuses traditional painting techniques with cutting-edge digital effects. The moving art of Steve Matson will be exhibited.

“Planar’s 28-year history in displays for specialty applications and Samsung’s
SM’ART technology well-equips us to respond to the needs of the fine art community who require exceptional art reproduction,” said Jennifer Davis, vice president of marketing for Planar Systems. “From our pioneering work in home cinema to demanding signage applications, our display products illustrate the creativity, reliability, and image performance that will make Planar displays the artist’s choice for digital canvas.”

After exhibiting at Artexpo’s Miami SOLO show, Samsung’s liquid crystal canvas,
will be showcased at Artexpo New York in March.

Art organizations and artists who are interested in participating in one of Samsung’s SM’ART electronic galleries are invited to contact Scott Birnbaum by email at: [email protected].

Creative Variations of a Video Wall

At Design Miami, Planar is supporting the Avant Gallery pop-up venue produced in partnership with Surface Magazine. Planar is providing 10-ft. high architecturally designed video walls that will be used to exhibit the works of top industrial and furniture  artists Chad Jensen, Michael Philip Wolfson and Pryor Callaway.

“We are excited to explore the digital display realm with noted artists and  Planar video walls for the very first time at our new gallery,” says Dmitry  Prut, founder of Avant Gallery in Miami Beach.

At the PULSE contemporary art fair, the Cristin Tierney Gallery is using Planar’s Clarity™ Matrix LX-46 media wall to exhibit “No Feeling is Final,” a work by multi-media artist Yorgo Alexopoulos. The installation will be for sale in limited edition through the Cristin Tierney Gallery.

Planar can create digital displays that go beyond traditional signage or television formats

“Planar is envisioning new ways to utilize technology in design,” said Jennifer Davis, Vice President of Marketing, Planar. “Our products are enabling designers and artists alike to utilize our digital canvases in architectural  concepts, even sculptural implementations that were never before possible.”

Beyond the traditional black rectangle, Planar’s video wall array can be configured into structural, sculptural shapes that serve as a digital container for creative content for the retail, hospitality and corporate environments.


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