Folium Book Studio Upgrades Cover Design Capabilities

WRITERS. Earlier this year Folium Partners, Inc. launched a self-publishing toolset for converting  manuscripts created in word-processing programs into the digital formats required for electronic books (e-books) such as the Apple iBook®, Amazon Kindle™, Barnes & Noble Nook™ and Sony Digital Reader®.

Through the online Folium Book Studio app, you can upload a manuscript you wrote in Microsoft Word (or other word-processing program) and have it converted into the standard EPUB format needed for e-book distribution.

Folium Book Studio also gives you the tools to design the book layout, create cover art, and upload and insert supporting photos and illustrations for your books. All work can be reviewed and edited multiple times directly in the WYSIWYG editor. The finished product can be exported for distribution or saved securely online for a year. A free ISBN is provided for authors who require one.

This week Folium Partners, Inc. announced plans to upgrade Folium Cover Designer™. Folium Book Studio will be releasing hundreds of new image layers as well as core feature upgrades to their cover design tool.

Through exclusive arrangements with contributing designers, some of the new stock elements will not yet have been made available for use anywhere else on the web.

“Like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover—even a digital one,” said John Lee, CEO and co-founder of Folium Partners. A good cover: captures the essence of the book;  draws attention to the book; and makes it distinguishable on the e-reader shelf.

Lee observes that until recently, e-book cover art was either painfully unprofessional or very professional (and quite expensive). Folium Cover Designer was created to help independent writers and smaller publishers achieve a great look at a lower price point.

The upgrade to Folium Cover Designer includes a broad assortment of graphic elements that can be used as layers to build up rich textures, shadowing and light, or as starter templates. There collection includes an expanded selection of stock photos, fully designed backdrops and other useful pieces.

Folium Book Studio offers the cover design tool and gallery elements as part of its complete package. It is free to all customers of the service.

Through February 14, 2012, you can use the complete service for only $29.95 per project.


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