Yonder Creates DNA Portraits in Neon

Each person’s DNA is entirely unique and holds the basic code about who we are as individuals. Yonder biology is a San Diego-based art/science collaborative that can convert your DNA into a distinctive portrait for wall display. Using DNA gathered from a simple cheek swab, Yonder’s scientists interpret the DNA code in the Yonder biology lab. Then, the group’s artists use the interpretation to create wall art that people can point to and say, “That’s me!”

“We understand the beauty in this genetic code and want to provide an artistic window for people to share their individuality with others,” says a Yonder spokesperson.

You can choose t have your DNA displayed on photo paper, canvas, acrylic, or aluminum. Or, with Yonder’s new Niteo collection, you can create art that glows, with the use of neon, LED, or EL wire.

Yonder provides a dedicated consultant for each project. And you will receive a ‘DNA Art Guide’ that describes the scientific meaning behind your artwork.

This story represents yet another exmaple of how creative entrepreneurs are building businesses to meet the growing demand for custom wall art with personal meaning.


Yonder Biology: The DNA Art Company


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