Competition Site Helps Employers Find Talented Creatives

DESIGNERS. is a digital design and photography competition site that was formed to help give creative businesses easy access to talent that has been “battle tested” through public and peer evaluation.

Veteran Los Angeles Graphic Designer/Art Director Matt Ansoorian established as a community for illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers with marketable skills to showcase their work.

The work posted on the competition site is not only voted upon by a general audience of site visitors, but also by other photographers, designers, and illustrations.

At the end of the each quarter, announces the top vote-getters in the three categories (photography, graphic design, and illustration). The top 12 winning entries receive cash and other prizes. For example, the three first-place winners of the current contest will each receive a Wacom Intuous 5 tablet (medium size) valued at $349.

“We believe the voting reveals popularity and salability of individual pieces of art.  Non-members, primarily retail businesses, can see what art can and will sell and how that art translates into a larger market,” Ansoorian said. According to Ansoorian, some artists represented on have been commissioned to work on high-profile projects.

As a creative, you can develop connections with other creative pros while making your work visible to business people visiting the site in search of talent.

You can set up a personal profile page with bio, portfolio, and linkable URL address. In the site’s “Crit Room,” you can post work that is still in progress, and request constructive feedback and problem-solving advice from your peers.



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