See Your Art Displayed on Times Square Billboards

If you would like to have your work seen in bright lights by hundreds of thousands of people who visit Times Square, submit your entry to the “Art Takes Times Square” competition.  The event is being conducted by Artists Wanted, Chasama, and the Times Square Alliance.

One artist will be selected to receive $10,000 cash, inclusion in a limited edition, printed “Art Takes Times Square” book, and the exhibition of a lifetime— his or her art displayed on the most iconic billboards of Times Square. The organizers of the competition will also be producing an online feature that will be sent out to hundreds of thousands of art enthusiasts around the globe.

Any creative person in the world can enter as long as you are 18 years or older.  Simply take a few minutes to upload photos of your creative work and create a free competition profile. You can submit a portfolio of up to 20 images.  (Standard entry deadline is April 30; final entry deadline is May 25.) The winners will be notified in June.

Curated by Art Enthusiasts around the World

The “Art Takes Times Square” exhibition will be curated by art lovers around the world. Visitors to the Artists Wanted website can sign up to “collect” their favorite artists and help decide who will be displayed on the massive billboards of Times Square this summer.

So if you decide to enter the competition, plan to share your portfolio with friends, family and colleagues. Use email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools to encourage your fan club to collect your works. The most collected artists will have their submissions reviewed by chashama and Artists Wanted to determine the Grand Prize winner to be featured in Times Square and awarded $10,000 in cash.

Artists Wanted will also be selecting artists to feature to tens of thousands of followers on their social networking channels and e-mail list. Visit the Artists Wanted website for details on entry procedures and answers to frequently asked questions.


Art Takes Time Square Competition

About Artists Wanted

Artists Wanted is a collaborative project dedicated to building lasting opportunities for emerging talent. Created by several New York City artists and creative organizations, Artists Wanted is dedicated to making the process of breaking into the professional art world more welcoming, dynamic, and open-ended.

Mission Statement: Artists Wanted

About Chashama

Chashama supports creativity in New York City by repurposing vacant properties. Each property is recycled as a work or show space for artists, and made available at no charge, or at highly subsidized rates. These efforts invigorate the surrounding communities with an influx of innovative programs, culture, creativity, and commerce.

Mission Statement: Chasama

About The Times Square Alliance

The Times Square Alliance develops techniques and relationships to bring temporary high-quality, cutting-edge art and performance to Times Square’s public spaces, so that it is known globally as a place where ordinary people encounter authentic, ever-changing urban art in multiple forms and media

Mission Statement: Times Square Alliance


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