Bitingduck Press Provides Full-Service Publishing for E-Book Authors

WRITERS. The recent merger of Bosun Books with Bitingduck Press has created a new publishing option for e-book authors. The expanded Bitingduck Press offers full-service publishing with no author fees for editing, copyediting, typesetting, and e-formatting.

“E-books have made self-publishing easy,” says Bitingduck Press founder Jay Nadeau, “but everyone needs an editor. We offer authors personalized attention and quality editing to make the best e-books possible.” The press also does print runs and specializes in electronic formatting of books containing equations and graphics.

Bosun Books was founded by Nancy and David McAllister, who were considered revolutionaries when they began offering electronic books through the brand-new WWW in 1994. Bosun offers worldwide distribution through all major e-tailers in all popular e-book formats. They represent nearly 100 authors worldwide, making getting published a reality for writers of quirky, geeky, or unusual mysteries, science fiction, and romance.

Bitingduck Press was created by Jay Nadeau and Chis Lindensmith, two PhD physicists with a passion for science and the environment. Their original goal was to provide high-quality, low-cost, highly accessible electronic and print books for anyone interested in science, mathematics, and the lives of scientists. The merger with Bosun enables them to expand into a wide range of quality fiction, narrative nonfiction, and technical books.

The merged catalog offers about 140 active titles for sale and six that will become available within the next few weeks to months.

The first e-book by the new collaboration between Bitingduck Press and Bosun Books is “Somebody Wants Somebody Dead,” a collection of suspenseful, darkly humorous short stories by Phillip Gardner. The book is now available on Amazon.

In June, the press will offer color and black-and-white versions of “The Yoga Facelift (2nd edition),” by the founder of organic sunscreen company Marie-Veronique Organics. Also planned for publication this year are one adult mystery/suspense novel and two young adult paranormal adventures.

Bitingduck Press is open for author submissions. They will be exhibiting at the Pasadena Lit Fest May 12 in Pasadena, California; Book Expo America on June 5-7 in New York; and the book fair at the American Library Association Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California on June 22-25.


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