Sell Your Instagram Photos through Instacanvas

Instacanvas is a new online marketplace for buying and selling Instagram photos as ready-to-hang canvas art pieces. Now, anyone with a smartphone can create art online, build a fan base worldwide, and sell physical versions of their work online.

During the site’s private beta period, 25,000 photographers and artists from 30 countries set up Instacanvas galleries. Traffic to the site has grown to 1.1 million unique visitors per month.

Fans of an artist’s work can order prints in three sizes: 12 x 12, 16 x 16, or 20 x 20 inches. The photographer or artist earns 20% of every print sold from their galleries. Instacanvas handles all of the printing, canvas stretching, and shipping costs.

“The rapidly growing Instagram community has millions of amazing artists, many with hundreds of thousands of existing followers,” said Matt Munson, founder and CEO of Instacanvas. “We’re building perhaps the first amateur design marketplace where the artists bring with them tremendous followings of people who already love their work as well as a powerful distribution channel for reaching those fans.”

“Today, 23,000 people will visit the Louvre Museum in Paris while 40,000 people will visit our galleries on Instacanvas,” said William Hsu of MuckerLab, the start-up accelerator that has supported Instacanvas. “Instacanvas is leveraging the power and passion of the Instagram community and helping to prove the value and staying power of Instagram as a platform.”



How to Set Up Your Gallery


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