Anthology of Self-Publishing Advice for Independent Authors

AiA SelfPublishing Ebook CoverIn a new e-book entitled “Self-Publishing,” 80 leading experts and experienced authors explain how to avoid common pitfalls and succeed in publishing and marketing your book. The book includes advice on topics such as sales, PR, advertising, promotion, pricing, building a platform, social networking, websites and blogging, editing, design, and distribution.

For example, some of the short articles featured in the book include:

  •  Media Training for the First-Time Author
  • The ABCs of a Successful Book Publicity Plan
  • PR vs. Advertising: What Works?
  • It’s OK to Say No to Book Events
  • Book Fairs as Marketing Venues
  • Take Your Book on Tour Around the Globe Without Leaving Home
  • Why You Need Book Reviews
  • 7 Ways to Get Your Bok Reviewed
  • Paid Reviews and Book Awards: Are They Worth the Money?
  • Eight Mistakes that Will Absolutely Kill Your Book

Available exclusively through Amazon’s Kindle Store, the e-book was a joint project of the Association of Independent Authors and the 80 individuals who contributed. It can be downloaded for $4.99 USD.

“We’re extremely grateful to everyone who participated in this project for their willingness to contribute their knowledge and expertise,” says Melanie Walsh, Director Membership Services at the Association of Independent Authors. “The result is a unique publication with a diverse mix of professionals, subject areas, opinions and experiences.”

The Association of Independent Authors (AiA) is a membership organization for self-published (independent) authors. It has members in five continents and directors based in the US, Asia, Australia, and South Africa. The AiA vision is that independent publishing will be the preferred, first choice for all authors.

Contribute Ideas for Future Compilations

“Self-Publishing” is the first e-book in a proposed series. Experts and authors who would like to be included in future compilations can submit articles from now until March 31, 2013. The AiA also invites suggestions from self-published authors on topics, issues, or experts they would like to see featured in future publications.

“This is an exciting time to be an independent (self-published) author,” says Walsh. “Authors the world over now have an opportunity to share their stories in an open global marketplace free of subjective hurdles.”

Other initiatives launched by the Association of Independent Authors include an awards program for the best websites for independent authors and its Honoring Excellence award that recognizes businesses that offer and deliver exceptional products and services for independent authors.


SELF-PUBLISHING! Publish Your Book and Avoid the Pitfalls with Advice from Leading Experts and Experienced Authors

Association of Independent Authors


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