ASMP Helps Imaging Pros Create Sustainable Business Models

PHOTOGRAPHERS. The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) wants to help imaging professionals update their business models to meet the changing requirements of buyers of photography and video services. On September 27, ASMP will hold a symposium entitled “Sustainable Business Models: Issues and Trends Facing Visual Artists.” This fall, they will also release a book entitled, “The ASMP Guide to New Markets in Photography.”

Sustainable Business Symposium

The Sustainable Business Models Symposium will be held from 9 am to 3:30 pm at The TimesCenter in New York. The symposium is free of charge to all interested parties who pre-register. (Attendance may be limited, so register early!) The day’s events will be streamed live and available for viewing afterward.

The symposium organizers note that the rules of the photography business have changed: “As clients revise their marketing strategies to keep up with new outlets and technologies, imaging professionals are responding by adapting their own business models and evolving from the old ‘shoot and sell’ prototype.” ASMP believes that creatives can succeed if they understand the options and are willing to make the commitment to develop new approaches.

“At this critical time in our industry, we believe that bringing together experts with various perspectives will stimulate important conversation about the options and opportunities for those who produce and use visual works,” said ASMP President Shawn Henry.

The symposium will feature three panel discussions. The two morning sessions will be moderated by photographer Jay Kinghorn. The afternoon session will be moderated by photographer Richard Dale Kelly

9:15 to 10:15 am
A Candid Discussion with Working Pros.
Leading advertising, commercial, editorial, and journalism photographers will discuss necessary and successful business transitions. Panelists include:

 10:45 to 11:45 am
Current Distribution Models that Offer Compensation to Creators
Learn about  new distribution models for selling your work. Panelists include:

1:15 to 3:30 pm
The Challenge: Sustainable and Ongoing Creator Compensation
Hear what some photography thought leaders regard as the most pressing needs of the industry and how they should be addressed. Do the answers lie in technology, the Internet, high-end content, or something else entirely? Panelists include:


ASMP Symposium: Sustainable Business Models: Issues and Trends Facing Visual Artists

About ASMP

Book: ASMP Guide to New Markets in Photography

Copies of the new book, “The ASMP Guide to New Markets in Photography,” will be available at the symposium. Co-published by ASMP and Allworth Press, the book is a pragmatic guide that explains how photographers can successfully exploit new trends to build successful businesses.

You’ll see where the industry is headed and how to build a career tailored to your talents, interests, and business style.

Edited by ASMP Education Director Susan Carr, the book features insights from eight industry experts.  Some of the topics covered include:

  • New visual needs created by the economy
  • The changing definition of what it means to be a photographer
  • The shifting distribution of clients
  • The impact of ongoing changes in technology
  • Issues related to copyright, licensing, compensation, and contracts.

To give you an idea of the many directions a photography career can take today, the book also includes concise business biographies of 50 visual artists who have successfully found new markets for their work. Scheduled for public release in October, the book can be pre-ordered on Amazon now.


Book: ASMP Guide to Guide to New Markets in Photography