AWAI Updates Online Course on Freelance Copywriting

Freelance writers can expand their services (and revenues) by diversifying into more lucrative, specialized fields such as copywriting. One organization that can help you learn the secrets of persuasive writing is American Writers & Artists (AWAI) Inc. They recently completed a top-to-bottom updating of their “Masters Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.” The update (dubbed Version 3.0) is the most thorough overhaul of the content since the copywriting program was created 12 years ago.

Designed to help new copywriters ratchet up their skills, the Masters Program contains lessons based on the analysis of direct-response sales letters, campaigns, and web copy.

The AWAI team added new copywriting secrets based on current trends, created multimedia elements such as audio and video presentations, and upated every single section with new techniques, strategies, and information. The entire copywriting program is now online, making it accessible to freelance writers worldwide.

The six modules of the course will teach you how to:

  • Simplify your writing so you communicate one idea at a time in short sentences
  • Incorporate high-level selling skills into written copy and video presentations
  • Write online sales letters
  • Get readers to open sales emails
  • Improve your headlines and bullet points
  • Optimize the performance of your home page
  • Write copy to overcome short attention spans
  • Deal with clients and build up your copywriting business
  • Find a winning tone, style, and voice for your writing
  • Increase your daily productivity

Since 1997, American Writers and Artists Inc. has been publishing home-study programs for direct-response copywriting, travel writing, photography, and graphic design. Other titles in their library of programs include:

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