VivoPrint Enables Designers and Photographers to Sell Customized Products Online

VivoPrint is offering a way for photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and artists to generate revenue from their artwork. Using the VivoWidget, you can transform your static website or blog into an e-commerce website for selling products customized with your artwork or photographic design.

The VivoWidget, which consists of a few lines of HTML code to be added to your site, enables you to sell branded and decorated products. Products  you can decorate with your designs or images include: T-shirts; coffee mugs; iPhone, iPad, and laptop sleeves; and other usable promotional items. Your clients can also create and order customized products through the VivoWidget on your website.

You don’t have to buy equipment, produce physical products, carry inventory or handle shipping or returns. All of those details are handled by VivoPrint. Simply choose and design the products you want to sell and determine the pricing.

After you add a VivoWidget to your site, you can choose to be part of the VivoNetwork, through which your products can be shared and sold through VivoWidgets on other sites.

You will earn 100% profit on products sold directly through the VivoWidget on your website, and 20% profit when your products are sold through participatingVivoWidgets throughout the VivoNetwork,


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How to Sell Custom Products through VivoPrint