Agency Helps Artists Choose the Right Online Gallery

ARTISTS. If you don’t have the time or patience to determine which of the 200+ online art galleries would be the best place to sell your work, The Art Marketing Agency of Sarasota, Florida can help.

After a one-hour phone or Skype consultation with their team of objective experts, you will receive written recommendations of the five or ten galleries they believe will be most effective in generating sales for you. They can also help you set up your salon on each of the recommended galleries.

“We recognized that success in selling art online means knowing exactly what online galleries and their buyers are the best fit for specific styles and mediums. Our services are specifically designed to match the characteristics of the online gallery, and its audience, with the artwork,” says Tuck Tucker, director of the Art Marketing Agency.

Clients can also receive the agency’s new “Guide to Online Art and Photography Galleries” that analyzes the characteristics of more than 100 different galleries.

Your consultation will start with a critical, objective analysis of your portfolio, website, and current marketing efforts. You will get advice on the specific metatags and metawords you should insert in your website to attract more traffic. Plus, you’ll get tips to make it easier for sell art directly from your site.

You can learn how to capture the e-mail addresses of people who visit your site, so you can send them newsletters and invitations to events and shows in which you will be participating. The Art Marketing Agency can also teach you how to use different types of social media to showcase your art and connect with buyers.

In addition to assistance in developing a targeted online marketing strategy, you will also get advice on pricing your artwork and designing specialized advertising campaigns.

The director of the Art Marketing Agency Tuck Tucker has more than 20 years of experience in marketing art and photography. He was the chief curator of the collection and has worked with numerous online galleries and print and online media such as Art News, Art in America, Art Info, Art Net, AIPAD, and Aperture.

Photographer Karen T. in Arlington,Virginia, says that The Art Marketing Agency helped make her life and art marketing more successful: “The Agency suggested I shift from 2 pay galleries to 5 non-pay and I am making more sales and saving money. What I liked is that their services are ‘turnkey.’ They really did all the work to set me up with the online galleries after the consultation.”

Portrait artist Ron W. of Miami, Florida says he was relieved to find the Art Marketing Agency: “It was was just too time-consuming and frustrating to know what online galleries to work with. The team at the Agency has given me better online sales options.”

For details on different options and pricing levels for the consultants, visit The Art Marketing Agency website.


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