Exhibition of Phoneography Art at Rebekah Jacob Gallery

An exhibition exploring the artistic possibilities of smartphone photography is now on display at the Rebekah Jacob Gallery in the Upper King Street district of Charleston, South Carolina. Entitled “Ways of Seeing: Phoneography,” the exhibition is further proof that phoneography is quickly gaining acceptance as a new fine arts medium.

Gallery owner Rebekah Jacob says phoneography exhibitions at galleries in other cities have been wildly popular, thanks to Facebook and other social media  New collectors also appreciate the more modest price points of the prints themselves.

“Stairs” by Nick Moss

As an art lover and experienced curator of fine photography, Rebekah Jacob is “fascinated by the immediacy and intimacy of phoneography, particularly the iPhone’s imaging quality.” She likes the fact that the technology is so accessible and that apps enable photographers to quickly express their vision in interesting ways.

The photographs included in the exhibit were selected by the curatorial staff of Rebekah Jacob Gallery following an open call for entries that closed June 3. The exhibition opened July 1 and runs through July 31.

“Sensation is Already Memory” by Katie Wichlinski

The prints are being sold for a uniform price of $200. If you can’t visit the gallery in Charleston, you can view and buy images from the exhibition at the store on the gallery’s website.


Rebekah Jacob Gallery

Exhibition: Ways of Seeing-Phoneography

Store: Rebekah Jacob Gallery

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  1. I like that she calls it “Phoneography” and not “iPhoneography.” Even though she mentions iPhone by name, there are other cameraphones that match it in quality and versatility. Of course, she had a “call for entries” so could have specified which type of capture device. And also like that all prints sell for $200. Although I see that the print sizes range from 4×4 to 11×11 inches! I wonder how that was determined. But cool, nonetheless. Thanks for posting it.

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