Learn How to Market Your Book with a Book Trailer

Like a movie trailer, a book trailer is a short, video advertisement for your book. Websites such as vabbler.com, booktrailercentral.co and bookscreening.com are dedicated to sharing book-trailer videos.

One resource that explains how to use book trailers is “How to Market Your Book with a Book Trailer” by Maria Pinochet, Linda Wasserman, and Maggie Ruch. It is the first in series of books they are writing to help authors connect with readers and sell more books.

Iin the book, the authors guide you through the five steps needed to complete a book trailer marketing plan that will be as distinctive as you are as an author.

“With today’s access to desktop tools that rival those of the professionals, there is no reason motivated authors cannot take on more marketing functions to ensure the success of their books,” observes Maria Pinochet.

“If you able to focus on one task at a time, you can master the skills needed to create and use a book trailer,” says coauthor Linda Wasserman.

“How to Market Your Book With a Book Trailer,” is now available as a Kindle version at Amazon ($2.99) or as a print version at Createspace ($12.95)

Maria Pinochet is president and founder of the Kore Access marketing firm. Linda Wasserman is owner of Pelican Press Pensacola. Maggie Ruch, virtual assistant and social media consultant, is founder of Advanced Virtual Assistant Services.


How to Market Your Book with a Book Trailer