Lightroom Now Available Through Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4 software is now available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud™ membership. Lightroom is a photography workflow solution for importing, managing, enhancing, and showcase images.

Adobe Creative Cloud is a membership-based offering that provides access to Adobe’s design, web, video and digital imaging tools. It provides a hub for making, sharing and delivering creative work.

With your paid membership, Adobe Creative Cloud gives you everything needed to create, publish and share your work virtually anywhere with anyone, including:

  • Access to download and install any of the Adobe Creative Suite® 6 applications including, Photoshop CS6 Extended and Adobe Premiere® Pro CS6, plus tools and services such as Adobe Acrobat® and Adobe Muse™
  • Integration with Adobe Touch Apps so you can create on a variety of tablets and further refine on the desktop.
  • 20GB of space and the ability to store and share content across desktop, mobile devices and the cloud
  • The option to use Adobe Muse software to create websites and to host and manage up to five sites using Adobe Business Catalyst®

You also get access to application upgrades before they are launched as part of a major update, as well as new products and services, as they emerge. For example, Creative Cloud members will soon be able to use the new single edition of Digital Publishing Suite to deliver digital publications to the iPad.

“The addition of Lightroom to Creative Cloud delivers on our promise to bring the best in Adobe innovation to Creative Cloud members,” said Winston Hendrickson, vice president products, Creative Media Solutions, Adobe. “Over the next few months we’ll continue to add new products and services, keeping Creative Cloud members up to date with the latest advancements in Adobe software and services.”


Adobe Creative Cloud membership for individuals is US$49.99 per month based on annual membership and US$74.99 per month for month-to-month membership.

Until August 31, 2012, a special introductory offer of US$29.99 per month is available to registered owners of a qualifying version of CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5.

Have You Tried It Yet?

Earlier this summer, published as post and poll question that invited its readers to share their comments and opinions on Creative Cloud. The poll revealed that 63 percent of respondents would consider purchasing a Creative Cloud membership. Visitors to the site were split on the pricing of Creative Cloud: 52 percent thought the pricing plan was expensive; 41 percent believe the product is fairly priced. Only 7 percent of respondents thought Creative Cloud was inexpensive.

It would be helpful to hear from photographers, app developers, self-publishers, and others who might be intrigued by the Creative Cloud concept.

For example: If you have never purchased Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign before, would you give Creative Cloud a try? Or, are you content to use less complex, less expensive image-editing or page-layout software when you need it?

Personally, I might give Creative Cloud a try. I bought the first version of Adobe CS, but never used it enough to justify the expense. Then, it got out of date and I just couldn’t justify purchasing the updates.  The addition of Lightroom to the software suite makes the Creative Cloud concept particularly appealing.


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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom The New Creative Cloud Membership: Is It Really Worth It?