New Source of Free Stock Photos LogoTo educate creative pros about the value of stock video as a complement to stock photography, the subscription-based stock-video company Video Blocks has launched  The new site features over 100,000 stock photos that you are free to use in all types of projects (even commercial).

“Stock Photos for Free is a great way for us to interact with the creative community in a whole new way,” says Video Blocks CEO, Joel Holland. “Since Video Blocks is only interested in selling stock video and audio clips, we’re able to launch this completely free resource for stock photography without hurting our core business. It provides great exposure for us and an invaluable library of photos for those who use it.”

The initial archive of 100,000 images on Stock Photos for Free is mostly comprised of still frames that were pulled from HD videos on However, new photos are added daily, including higher resolution shots from professional photographers.

Each photo on comes with a royalty-free license agreement that allows you to use the images in all types of projects, both commercial and non-commercial.

To start downloading the free stock photos, simply visit and register for a free account. You can use either your email address or Facebook account to sign up. Once your registration is complete, you can download an unlimited number of stock photos.

“We are really excited to see Stock Photos for Free grow over time,” says Holland. “This could be a revolutionary way for people to enhance their creative projects at no cost.”