Digital Arts Training Program for Creative Image Makers

“The appetite for creative image makers is voracious” in this content-driven world, says Kevin Landry, president of New Horizons of Southern California. He points to the explosive growth of publications, web resources, and video outlets such as YouTube and Vimeo. Yet Landry believes that significant numbers of job and business opportunities go begging, primarily because employers want creative people who can deliver it all: artistic and inspired image capture combined with post-production skills, and asset-management expertise.

So, New Horizons has launched a Digital Arts Training Program for photographers and videographers.  The program’s mission is to develop creative leaders who can deliver the WOW in visual content for employers or succeed as self-employed visual artists.

The Digital Arts Program is a linear education system that emphasizes the development of new visual voices, says Cindy Sutherland, Vice President of Career Development. She defines WOW in digital content “as the visual magic that stirs the soul, makes your juices jump, causes you to smile, or to bleed with tears.” She says WOW is the essence of art, and how you create and deliver emotional range and new points of view or dramatize dynamic visual stories and imagine the unimagined.

Students who qualify can choose Certificate Programs in five specialties: Wedding, Portraiture, Fine Art, Videography  and Adobe Post Production. Each program requires 200-300 hours of classroom, studio lab, and real-world application assignments.

Certified instructors, who are recognized creative leaders in their fields, teach students foundational subjects in digital image capture. Then students progressively advance their skills in lighting, posing, narrative, character, video, and postproduction arts in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Adobe Premiere Pro. In the final classes, students learn personal and business marketing applications for their chosen genre.

“The training is fun,” says David LaNeve, Digital Arts Program Director, “but it is also rigorous and market driven. Students receive intensive classroom, studio, and location instruction within a hands-on mentoring environment. Upon successful completion, students will have a professional portfolio or video reel that displays their skills and creativity, New Horizons and Adobe Certifications, and real world assignment experience for their resume.”

New Horizons of Southern California is a network for five computer-learning centers in Anaheim, Burbank, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, and Los Angeles. It is part of the New Horizons company that has been offering computer-related training and certification programs for 30 years.  New Horizons operates 300 training centers in 70 countries and has trained 30 million students.


New Horizons’ Digital Arts Training Program

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