FolioLink Helps Photographers and Artists Promote Events

FolioLink develops visually rich Flash and HTML websites for photographers, artists, and galleries who want to showcase, sell, and deliver images online. The sites combine distinctive aesthetics with features that make it easy for creative professionals to manage and update the sites themselves.

Regardless of where your current website is hosted, you can use FolioLink’s new Promote Me Pages service to create online self-promotion materials that deliver high-impact visual content without interfering with your main portfolio website.

You can use Promote Me Pages to advertise events, new lines of work, publications, gallery openings, behind-the-scenes videos, workshops, and other activities.

The service enables you to create elegant, standalone micro-sites that support text, imagery, and videos. Each micro-site can be aesthetically tailored so that your self-promotion efforts are visually consistent with the look and feel of your website. The pages can viewed on PCs, Macs, laptops, iPhones, and iPads and can be used to drive traffic either to your main website, or other destinations such as Facebook pages or your Twitter account. Promote Me Pages can also be used in conjunction with your blog.

The introductory subscription price of $99 per year enables you to publish 99 PromoteMe pages . FolioLink clients can benefit from the Promote Me Pages services at a discounted price.

FolioLink is part of ISProductions, a Virginia-based technology company founded in 1987. FolioLink develops Internet tools geared to help photographers and artists capitalize on the business opportunities of the web.

Earlier this year, they announced the ability to automatically optimize clients’ online portfolios for the iPhone interface.

FolioLink also offers an Image Archive standalone e-commerce website with the workflow, proofing, and presentation features needed by commercial, stock, editorial, event, and fine-art photographers as well as artists and galleries.



Examples of Promote Me Pages