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WRITERS.  As an avid reader (and self-publishing supporter), I still notice a distinct difference in quality between a book from a traditional publisher and a self-published book by a first-time author. From the opening sentence to the closing paragraphs books from traditional publishers seem more polished, coherent, and emotionally engaging.

As an experienced editor myself, I attribute this obvious difference in readability to the unseen hand of an editing pro. Many self-published authors don’t understand that editing involves much more than correcting grammar, spelling, and typos. Even if your English-teacher friend agrees to look over your manuscript before you publish it, you probably won’t get the type of book-editing expertise you need to increase the odds that your book will succeed, both in terms of sales and positive reviews.

To make professional editing services more affordable and accessible, BookBaby has teamed up with FirstEditing, a global firm with more than 30 professional editors. Since 1994, FirstEditing has collaborated with authors around the world on over 250,000 manuscripts—offering technical editing, developmental editing, reduction editing, and proofreading.  BookBaby clients can now receive a 17% discount on any of the editing services offered by FirstEditing.

“Editing can make all the difference,” says BookBaby president Brian Felsen. “Will your book connect emotionally with readers and keep them turning the pages? Or will it fall flat?” He notes that while independent authors like being able to design, publish, distribute, and promote their own books, “It’s been difficult for authors to get a reputable editor to look at their manuscripts if they don’t have connections or a big budget.”

BookBaby Logo“The copy editor with whom I worked was insightful, professional, meticulous, and just plain good,” says BookBaby author Shelly Reuben, whose books have been nominated for Edgar, Prometheus, and Falcon awards. “He was in tune with the style and theme of my book, and while not trying to impose his own sensibility, was able to point out places where I had undermined the writing by being repetitious or stylistically inconsistent.“

If you have doubts about the value of the editing process, FirstEditing will edit a sample from your manuscript for free—and within 24 hours!

“I’m thrilled about this partnership,” says Felsen. “FirstEditing’s prices are already among the lowest quotes in the business for such top-rate service. Now, BookBaby authors will get an additional 17% off, allowing them to get their book edited in less than two weeks, without having to blow through their production or marketing budgets before the book even comes out!”


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