Filmmaking Guide Focuses on Funding and Promotion

If you have ever wanted to become a filmmaker, but didn’t have the money, know-how or freedom to pursue your dreams in Hollywood, you’re in luck. A new book called Filmmaking Stuff shows you how to use techniques such as crowdfunding, internet movie marketing, and video-on-demand distribution and get your movie made, seen, and sold.

“Filmmaking Stuff: How to Make, Market and Sell Your Movie without the Middleman” was written by Jason Brubaker, a Hollywood-based independent filmmaker who has become an expert in Video on Demand distribution. The book expands upon some of the advice has been providing on this popular filmmaking website for several years.

“Filmmaking Stuff does not offer information on 3-point lighting or how to set up dolly track,” said Brubaker. “While all that how-to technical stuff is essential, this book shows filmmakers how to actually get money, market and sell your movie.”

The book is divided into five chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Modern Movie Business
  • Chapter 2: Create Your Story
  • Chapter 3: Get Movie Money
  • Chapter 4: Manufacture Your Movie
  • Chapter 5: Marketing and Distribution

Brubaker believes the future of filmmaking is now in the hands of filmmakers empowered by the digital revolution. Even though you will be competing with filmmakers across the globe, keep in mind that many people are flooding the market with garbage.

If you start with a great, marketable screenplay that you can quickly pitch to prospective investors and collaborators, you can increase your odds of success.

With the decline of DVD sales and the rise of video-on-demand channels such as Amazon, iTunes, and Hulu, it’s no longer necessary to work with middlemen such as sales agents and distribution companies. And, with social media and internet marketing, you can find the audience and generate buzz about your film.

In addition to making his own movies, Brubaker is a contributing author to The Independent’s Guide to Film Distributors and founder of Filmmaking Stuff, a professional resource for independent filmmakers.


Filmmaking Stuff: How to Make, Market and Sell Your Movie without the Middleman

Website: Filmmaking Stuff