Learn to Use Inkjet Transfers for Fine Photo and Art Prints

If you want to create one-of-a-kind photo and art prints, check out the Digital Art Studio Seminars (DASS) website. Artist Bonny Pierce Lhotka established the website in 2009 for artists and photographers who want to learn how to merge classic printmaking techniques with modern technology.

Digital Alchemy book coverThrough the website, you can register for hands-on workshops or buy instructional DVDs and books that explain how to transfer inkjet prints to a variety of surfaces including birch panels, stone paper, aluminum sheets, acrylic, Econolite rigid metal panels. In her book, “Digital Alchemy,” Lhotka explains how to direct print on metal, metal leaf, and custom substrates.

To ensure that the materials needed for the transfer and printing processes explained in the seminars and instructional materials are readily accessible, the Digital Art Studios Seminar website includes an online store.

Two of the newest products featured on the site are: DASS Universal Inkjet Precoat II and Aged Metal Plates.

DASS Universal Inkjet Precoat II

This inkjet precoat can be used to prepare any surface for inkjet printing.  This new, clear formula spreads easily on paper, canvas, glass, and metals. Coated metals retain their sheen. A coating bar is included to help ensure even, smooth application.

Aged Metal Plates

To create one-of-a-kind photographic prints, you can order sets of six 8 x 10-inch aged metal plates. To print directly on the metal plate, you would first apply the DASS Universal Inkjet Precoat II. To transfer pigment ink prints to the metal plates, you would use the DASS SuperSauce and DASS Transfer Film, which can also be purchased through the DASS website.


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