Saatchi Online Announces 12xTwelve Art Collection

ARTISTS. Here’s another example of how galleries are working to expand exposure for emerging artists while reaching out to potential new collectors of original works.

Saatchi Online is a global platform for emerging artists founded by Charles Saatchi who, over the past 25 years, has been discovering new artists and helping some of them to become household names. Saatchi Online’s mission is to help emerging artists find an international audience for their work and to provide art lovers with a high-quality online gallery where they can discover new art.

Saatchi Online recently announced its 12xTwelve holiday collection that features 65 new works of art from its worldwide community of emerging artists.

Rebecca Wilson, Director of the Saatchi Gallery London and Head of Artist Relations, Saatchi Online, has invited a select group of artists to create one-of-a-kind art exclusively for the 12XTwelve project.

Among the works for sale are original paintings, etchings, and drawings, as well as prints and photographs which are available in limited editions of just 12. Each work is the same size: 12 by 12 inches.

Left to right: Frozen Content by Jaap de Vries, Breakfast by Theron Humphrey, and Untitled by Clara Hastrup exclusively available on Saatchi Online.

With prices starting at $100, the art in the 12xTwelve collection can be an affordable gift for seasoned and aspiring collectors or an opportunity for art lovers to add to their own collections.


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