Update Your Photography Skills at PhotoPlus Conference

PDN’s annual PhotoPlus Conference and Expo in New York attracts more than 20,000 photography pros, serious hobbyists, educators, and students. Its diverse programming can also help professional writers, artists, and designers expand their imaging skills or enthusiasts of all ages who want to earn some supplemental income from photography.

Read the workshop descriptions for the 2012 PhotoPlus Conference (October 24-27) and you will find sessions that can help you diversify your existing photography business or expand your capabilities in visual communications. The 90+ sessions include:

  • 9 sessions on video and multimedia production
  • 9 sessions on working with different types of clients
  • 9 sessions on post-production techniques
  • 9 hands-on sessions (3 each for beginners, intermediates, and advanced photographers)
  • 8 sessions related to better business practices for photographers
  • 8 sessions on mastering light
  • 8 sessions on shooting memorable moments

The program will also cover tips and trends in photography, social media and marketing, and advice for photography educators. Here are a few sessions that caught my eye.

New Markets in Photography

Five photographers who contributed to the new book “TheASMP Guide to New Markets in Photography” will discuss ways to make a living as a photographer today. After explaining why working as an independent assignment photographer in our new Internet-based economy is entirely different than it once was, they will address hard questions about finding clients, understanding copyright, and utilizing new platforms to brand and sell your work. There will be plenty of time for Q&A, so any topic can be addressed. As an incentive to early arrivals, ASMP will give away copies of TheASMP Guide to New Markets in Photographyto the first 50 attendees to line up outside the seminar room. Moderator: Judy Herrmann. Panelists: Blake Discher, Peter Krogh, and Richard Kelly.

Snowflakes to GigaScapes: Maximizing the Creative Power of Today’s DSLRs

George Lepp will explain why the versatility of today’s DSLR has literally revolutionized outdoor photography. Whether you photograph sports, wildlife, close-up or landscape imagery, you will see why the old challenges of unpredictable lighting and moving subjects can be easily overcome. Computerized accessories and innovative software programs enable virtually unlimited depth of field, expanded tonal range, ultra-high resolution composite landscape panoramas, high-magnification, time-lapse, and HD video capture, all with a single DSLR.

To Be Published or Self Publish?

Mary Virginia Swanson will explain some of the new publishing possibilities emerging from the print-on-demand revolution and why it has never been easier or more affordable to produce and market a book of your photographs. She will talk about the pros and cons of both traditional and self-publishing so you can choose which scenario would be best for you.

Landing and Executing the Hottest Video Jobs

Advertising clients now offer photographers valuable opportunities to shoot video in addition to still photo production. But how do you develop a reel and promote yourself to get video work? And how do you deliver video productions that meet client expectations? A panel of image makers will answer these questions to help you see how to break into commercial video production. Moderator: David Walker. Panelists: Josh Victor Rothstein, Mark Peterson, Michael Lavine, Michael Clinard.

How to Get Work from Ad Agencies

During this panel discussion, an agent, art buyer, creative director, and photographer will discuss what is needed to make it as an advertising photographer. Gain insight into what it takes to get their attention, how they choose the photographers they work with, and how to build lasting beneficial relationships with them. Hear their honest and frank perspectives on how to succeed in this rapidly shifting and increasingly impersonal business. Moderator:Debra Weiss. Panelists: Candace Gelman, Doug Menuez, and Kevin Jordan

A New World Workflow for Digital Storytelling

To help DSLR shooters move into video, Tyler Stableford will share his streamlined post-production workflow. Using Adobe Lightroom 4 and Creative Suite 6, he reveals how to efficiently organize, edit and process multimedia files for discerning clients.

Anatomy of a Multimedia Project

Using recent experiences with well-known clients, Corey Rich will talk about the conceptual and practical aspects of shooting commercial multimedia projects that combine video, stills and audio. He will cover the entire process from estimating to shooting to post-production, detailing all that goes into developing and delivering a final video edit and a corresponding set of still photographs for a commercial or advertising client. He will talk about media management, archiving strategies, post production and preparation of final deliverables.

Crowdfunding Your Photography Projects

In a time when media outlets are struggling and traditional funding sources are drying up, crowdfunding is a new tool that creates great opportunities for photographers and entrepreneurs alike. The panel discussion will reveal the power of crowdfunding and share the secrets of this new fundraising tool. Panel members will explain how to create a powerful pitch video to grasp the attention of backers and how to best spread the word via social networking sites and blogs. They will point out some challenges and potential pitfalls, and explain how to keep your backers engaged after fundraising is completed. Moderator: Gerd Ludwig. Panelists: Aaron Huey, David Chancellor, Justin Jensen, and Karim Ben Khelifa.

Hands-On Sessions

PhotoPlusExpo will also offer nine hands-on sessions on professional video editing, glamour and fashion retouching, digital black-and-white photo processing with Photoshop CS6 and Nik Silver Efex, and low-budget digital video for photographers.

Conference Registration

Photo Plus Expo Conference passes may be purchased in advance in a variety of options; Conference À la Carte (priced individually), One Day Conference ($185 online/$220 onsite) or Full Conference, October 25-27 ($475 online/$510 onsite). All conference passes include a three-day Expo pass and admission to the Test Drive Rally on Wednesday evening. The rally provides a sneak preview of products and technologies that will be shown by PhotoPlus exhibitors.


2012 PhotoPlus Expo and Conference

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