Create Photo Montages on Repositionable Wallpaper Panels

Yesterday, I published a post about how specialty printing is sparking fresh opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. Here is an excellent example.

WeMontage is a new online service through which anyone can turn a collection of high-resolution photos into a photo montage on removable, self-adhesive wallpaper material. Because the wallpaper sections are completely repositionable, they are easy to hang and re-hang when you move into a new home or office.

WeMontage founder James Oliver, Jr., was inspired to start the business after watching an episode of Home by Novogratz, on HGTV. In this particular episode, the remodeling crew was hanging photo collages as large wallpaper sections in the basement of a family home.

“I was mesmerized by the beauty and uniqueness of the concept,” says Oliver. He soon discovered that no one seemed to be making it easy to recreate what he saw on HGTV.

Users of WeMontage (which is currently in beta testing) gain exclusive access to the proprietary platform that was initially created with professional photographers and interior designers in mind. The site’s “drag and drop” montage tool gives customers complete freedom to create their own uniquely styled wallpaper collage.

WeMontage hosts the actual application so the customer doesn’t have to download anything. You simply create an account, upload your edited photos, and drag and drop the pictures onto the montage canvas.  In order to print images at the 1 x 1.5-foot size, the photos should have been shot with a 4 to 6-megapixel camera.  To include 2 x 3-foot images in your montage, it’s best to use a 10-megapixel camera (or higher-resolution model).

Once you approve the design, it’s ready to go.

Photo montages can be printed as a single 6 foot x 4 foot wallpaper section or printed on multiple panels to cover a whole wall.

Your printed montage arrives ready for application to a smooth, flat wall surface. The sections peel away cleanly and easily if you need to reposition them. The “About WeMontage” link below takes you to the sign-up page for the company’s beta testing program. Oliver is running a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo site.


About WeMontage

Support the WeMontage Crowdfunding Campaign


Specialty Printing Sparks Opportunities for Creative Entrepreneurs


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