Art2pO Enables Artists to Sell Works for Digital Display

Art2pO has launched a way to buy and sell art in a digital format for display on high-resolution flat-screen TVs, tablets, and monitors. Buyers can browse the website, searching for images by artist, price, color, country and genre (digital art, photography, or video art). Purchased images are delivered via secure download from the Art2pO website.

Each one-of-a kind or limited edition image is digitally watermarked by Digimarc and copy-protected using state of the art encryption. The image is assigned a unique registry number and is registered, along with the legal owner’s information, with the Digital Fine Art Association (DFAA). If the image is resold, the next purchaser is also registered with the DFAA and the image is re-watermarked.

The DFAA stores ownership information on every image sold to retain provenance and the ownership trail. Each image has a downloadable Certificate of Authenticity and a secure record verifying the artwork is authentic. Instructions on how to resell a piece of art are available in the website.

Artists who want to sell works through the site can upload their images to along with a brief description of each piece. A commission on the selling price is charged to the artist on each sale. Artists may sell one of a kind images or a limited edition series. Galleries may buy and sell images and collections on behalf of artists as long as they have the artist’s written consent.