New Site Offers Affordable Access to Contemporary Digital Art

Artists, galleries, and art fairs are continuing to test new ways to make art more accessible to a broader base of collectors.  For example, the new digital-art platform gives art lovers affordable access to contemporary art being shown at exhibitions around the world.

Priced at just $20 for each 11 x 14 print, the digital art will be available exclusively from Each/One as an LTO Edition™ (Limited-Time-Only) solely during the duration of the exhibition.

Each/One is promoting these as original artworks that are unavailable elsewhere. These are not reproductions of existing art but rather original drawings, collages, photographs, or other pieces created or finalized in a digital environment.

As in a physical exhibition, the art is selected to represent a cultural, regional, or artistic theme.  The works of art are chosen by established curators, galleries and art fairs.

From Dec, 7, 2012 until Jan. 6, 2013, you can buy an 11 x 14-inch print of this original digital artwork by Motomichi Nakmura for just $20 from The image is part of the “Fading Fast” exhibition curated by Trystan Bates of the Honeycomb gallery in Buenos Aires.

Once purchased, each original work is generated specifically for the buyer, using high-quality print-on-demand technology. Thus, the number of copies produced for a certain edition will be determined by the popularity of the artwork created for that particular exhibit.

Every artwork is printed on heavyweight silk paper and comes in a standard 11 x 14-inch format, with an additional 1-inch border displaying the name of the work, its unique number, and the artist’s digital signature and date. Artworks fit into a standard 16 x 20 inch frame with a mat, thus eliminating the need for custom framing.

Each/One presented its first two online exhibitions, Salaam Bombay and Succession of the Finest, to coincide with the physical opening of the shows at Art Asia Miami 2012 and Fountain Art Fair Miami 2012. Each/One is also hosting exhibitions that will only be accessible online. Fading Fast, curated by Trystan Bates of the Honeycomb Gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina opened December 7 and runs until January 7.

The goal of Each/One is to create a new wave of art collectors by making digital art available to a broad public at an affordable price, said CEO and co-founder Pratima Björkdahl: “We believe that collecting art should be a creative and exciting experience. This new way to collect appeals to a whole new audience of art lovers and creates a new marketplace for galleries, curators and art fairs.”

“We have set an unheard-of price for original art because we believe that everyone should have affordable access to art they love. As we handle our own printing and distribution, we can avoid mark-ups, while ensuring the highest quality for our customers,” explained President and co-founder Rikard Björkdahl.

“Each/One just opened a whole new dimension for the art world, creating a global community and forum where we can all interact,” said Jasmine Wahi, curator of the Art Asia Miami 2012- Salaam Bombay exhibition. “This is the ultimate art experience and we are absolutely thrilled to be a part of it.”

“These online exhibitions, created specifically for the Each/One platform, are designed to let users engage with the art and its creators in a way that used to be possible only at art openings. Exploring the site is like getting a walking tour of contemporary art galleries but with all of the added benefits of online technology,” said Rebecca Jampol, curator of the Fountain Art Fair Miami 2012 – Succession of the Finest exhibition.

The founders of Each/One want to create a new kind of online art community where artists, curators, and collectors come together. With features such as blogs, interviews, curatorial notes and online discussions, users can engage with artists and exhibitions from all over the globe. Art lovers can also share their collections through social media, follow other collections and themes of interest, and sign up to receive notifications of upcoming exhibitions.



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