Subscription Art Site Benefits Art Lovers and Artists

Thanks to the new art-sharing service GetArtUp, almost anyone who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area can afford to hang a different piece of locally made, contemporary original art on their wall each month. Procuring art through a monthly subscription service gives art lovers a lower-cost alternative to buying originals. It provides artists with a new way to get more exposure and income.

“Most people fail to realize what an impact their visual surroundings have on productivity or state of mind. Whether it’s a print, sculpture, or oil painting, art has the ability to magically transform a space,” says GetArtUp Founder, Tricia Rampe.

In GetArtUp’s online marketplace, users can browse a diverse gallery of art just as they would on a shopping site. The art can be searched by size, type, artist, and color. Users can also see the cost of monthly rental and the cost to buy it outright.

All subscription plans include insurance so the art is protected from general damage while in a client’s possession. Professional art handlers will deliver and install the art on location. The service also includes free advice from Getartup’s professional curators.

Getartup’s service is currently only available in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company plans to expand nationally over the next year.



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