Sullivan Street Press Can Help Re-Launch Out-of-Print Books

SullivanStPressLogoSullivan Street Press is offering authors with out-of-print books the opportunity to re-launch their books in e-book format. This new publishing program treats these books as new books, with a conversion to e-book format that re-imagines the books now as digital experiences. These “new” books will benefit from the new design as well as the full marketing and promotion that a new title deserves.

Traditional publishing was once the only way for an author to see their work in print. Publishers had a great deal of power over what was published, when it was published, and for how long.

Today, the balance of power in publishing is shifting, enabling talented authors to reclaim their place in the world of book lovers.  Publishing an e-book gives writers who once were only available in bound-book format the opportunity to flourish again by finding new audiences in the digital world of book publishing.

“There are so many amazing books that have been forced out-of-print, basically destroyed by the traditional publishing model,” says Deborah Emin, founder of Sullivan Street Press.  “It is our intention to bring new life to quality work through re-releasing out-of-print books in e-book format so that the book and author can have the readership they deserve.”

Founded three years ago, Sullivan Street Press is dedicated to changing the publishing paradigm. Sullivan Street Press is actively pursuing writers whose wonderful work got left behind and who want once again to work with a publisher interested in helping them to reach out to their new readers.  When an older title is re-launched, the authors will not only be able to increase their sales and profits, but also gain valuable insights into who is reading their books.


Sullivan Street Press

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