Book on Book Marketing Can Help Independent Authors

A new book entitled “Indie Author Book Marketing Success” is an anthology of articles covering various aspects of book marketing.  Fourteen experts in book marketing cover a variety of marketing tools, including author websites, e-mail marketing, Twitter, virtual book tours, group promotions, paid advertising, and teleseminars. They also address topics such as pre-selling on Amazon and Kindle keywords.

The book was compiled by Shelley Hitz and Heather Hart of, a website filled with free and low-cost resources that independent authors can use to create, publish, and market their books.


Contributors include Joel Friedlander, from The Book Designer website, and Laura Pepper Wu from 30 Day Books.

The book can be purchased for $2.99 as a Kindle edition. A 124-page paperback version is available for $9.95.


Indie Author Book Marketing Success: Proven 5-Star Marketing Techniques from Successful Authors and Book Marketing Experts