Adorama Offers iPhone Photography Accessories for Summer Adventures

AdoramaLogoAdorama, one of the world’s largest photography, imaging, video and electronics retailers, has become a leading destination for iPhone photography accessories. Their iPhone Toolshed offers unique and useful accessories for iPhoneography including tripods, cases, lenses and filter kits. In the Adorama Learning Center, you can learn techniques for shooting photos and videos on your smartphone.

Just in time for summer, Adorama is promoting iPhoneography accessories such as waterproof cases, bike mounts and solar chargers. With these accessories, no moment needs to go undocumented, whether you are backpacking on rugged trails, splashing around in the ocean, lounging by the pool, riding a jet ski, or sleeping under the stars.

Adventure-Ready Gear in Adorama’s iPhone Toolshed Includes:

OtterBox Armor Series Waterproof Case for iPhone 5: A reinvention of the wildly popular OtterBox classic, the OtterBox iPhone 5 Armor Series protects against water, dust and crushing force. A strong combination of metal latches, an O-ring seal, port covers and mesh coverings keep water out, making the case completely waterproof while still allowing for full functionality.

GOBlogAdoramaWaterproofSleeveThe Joy Factory BubbleShield Reusable Waterproof Sleeves for Large Smartphones, 5 Pack: These reusable sleeves can keep your phone safe from water, sand, and splatters. The super-strong, magically thin covering enables full touchscreen capabilities, is sound permeable and keeps phones photo-ready. A carabiner loop can help keep your phone safe while on the move.

The Joy Factory aXtion Go Rugged Water-Resistant Case for iPhone 5: This thin, lightweight, shock-resistant case is dust-, oil- and mud-proof and resists spills, bumps and scratches.

Aryca Wave 3 Waterproof Case for iPhone 5: Wave 3 protects against water, sand, dirt and other elements that can damage a phone when on the go. Its hard outer shell also provides shock absorption for extra protection. The transparent silicone membrane gives you full access your favorite features including the iPhone camera.

GOBlogBikeMountKitAryca Bike Mount Kit: This kit provides a way to secure your smartphone onto a bicycle, motorcycle, or jet ski. Bundled with the Wave 3 Waterproof Case and the Aricase Adapter, the iPhone can be snugly mounted and used for anything from capturing action shots to keeping tabs on location using the phone’s GPS.

Aryca Floating Lanyard Wrist Strap: The Aryca Floating Lanyard Wrist Strap is designed for use with the Aryca Wave 3 Waterproof case. It keeps the iPhone from sinking, and is a must-have whether you’re spending a tranquil day floating down the river or going white-water rafting.

LifeProof Fre Case for iPhone 5: This case protects phones against water, dirt and shock. It can be submerged in water up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes or withstand being dropped from heights up to 2 meters.  With speaker ports designed to provide optimal sound and the perfectly clear optical glass covering over the camera, iPhones perform at prime conditions while remaining safe and sound in even the most rugged situations.

Wagan Tech 2558-5 Solar e Charger™ with Built-in Li-ion Battery: When your adventures take you away from electrical outlets, this device lets you use the sun’s powerful rays to recharge your mobile devices. The built-in Li-ion battery fully recharges in five to eight hours via the sun, and in two to three hours via an AC adapter.

Eton BoostTurbine 2000Eton BoostTurbine 2000: The Eton BoostTurbine 2000 is a durable back-up battery pack with a 2000mAh lithium ion battery and a hand turbine power generator that provides power when it’s needed most. In just one minute the hand turbine power generator can produce enough power for an urgent 30-second call or a few critical texts. BoostTurbine 2000 is made of tough but lightweight aluminum and is compact enough to fit in a pocket.

“With the warm weather rapidly approaching, people are ready to get out of the office and enjoy the sun, and they want to have their phones with them when they do. Luckily, there’s something for everyone in the iPhone Toolshed, so iPhoneographers will never have to miss a photo op this summer,” says Brian Green, vice president of marketing, Adorama. “These products have been carefully selected by Adorama’s expert team of photography and mobile specialists, and are the perfect accessories for all types of summer activities. Users can stay connected, capture awesome action shots and summer memories, and use their phones’ GPS and other apps to enhance the outdoor experience – all while keeping their iPhones safe and sound from the elements.”



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