Davey’s Book Explains How to Build a Bulletproof Art Career

BarneyDaveyArtMarketingBookARTISTS. You don’t have to leave it to chance that you will meet the right people who can either buy your art or influence others to buy your art. By effectively using synergistic (and inexpensive) marketing tools and techniques, you can gain control over your career.

That’s the heme of Barney Davey’s new book “Guerilla Marketing for Artists: Build a Bulletproof Art Career to Thrive in Any Economy.”

His ideas take into account that the old ways of getting art seen and sold aren’t as effective as they used to be. But as Davey explains, “What is refreshingly different is you now have the tools to call the shots, to control your destiny, and to reap the rewards.”

In the book, he explains how to deploy easy-to-use networking and marketing techniques that systematically will create a solid base of of collectors who will buy from you directly.

Davey believes that over the course of a career, a full-time artist can build meaningful relationships with at least 100 collectors and create 1,000 original pieces (33 originals x 30 years). An artist who cultivates a base of 100 collectors may sell one-third of more of their original works to those patrons. And, as Davey points out, “Many of those dedicated collectors will be the source of invaluable and profitable referrals for the artist.”

Artists who form close personal bonds with art buyers become immune to the effects of a lousy economy or faltering distribution methods. Artists who build direct sales connections with collectors will lead the pack during good times, and thrive in tough times.

Starting the process requires you to:

  • Set realistic, achievable career goals
  • Target the best prospects to buy your work directly
  • Understand thoroughly your existing art business and art resources
  • Determine which traditional and digital marketing tools are best for your situation
  • Focus your marketing on selected projects

In the book, you will learn how to break down your goals into easy-to-complete incremental steps so you can stay motivated. You will also learn how to make each element of your marketing strategy synergistically amplify other elements.

Selling-Art3If you order your copy from Davey’s website, you can get a free bonus e-book: The Zen of Selling Art: Essays on Art Business Success. In this e-book, Davey has collected some of the best advice he has given artists on selling art since 1988. Many of the tips come from his Art Print Issues blog and art-business articles he has written for Art World News and Art Business news magazines. The Zen of Selling Art makes the point that if you are successful selling art on a routine basis, you will enjoy a more balanced life and be able to use some of your income to do good things that wouldn’t be possible if you continue to work for subsistence.


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