Canon’s Mixed Reality System Brings Images to Life in Virtual World

Creative pros know that Canon cameras, printers, copiers, and digital presses help bring high-quality images to life on screen and paper. But did you know that Canon also makes systems that bring images to life in the virtual world?

At the SIGGRAPH 2013 Conference July 21-25 in Anaheim, Canon USA is showcasing the Mixed-Reality (MREAL) System they launched in the U.S. last February. The MREAL system simultaneously merges virtual objects created through computer-generated imaging (CGI) with the real world, at full scale and in three dimensions.

The MREAL System provides an interactive, immersive experience that can support product and building design, training simulations, or interactive museum displays, building tours, or theme-park attractions.


With the MREAL System, designs can be examined, modified, manipulated, analyzed, and presented with enough realism to allow complicated ideas and plans to come to fruition more quickly. During pre-production, filmmakers can use the MREAL system to pre-visualize and set up scenes. Architects can use MREAL Systems to help clients visualize how interior or exterior building designs will look in real life at full size. MREAL systems enable experts around the world to collaborate on designing factories, refineries, and water-treatment plants in specific geographic locations.

At SIGGRAPH, Canon is previewing a new handheld display that is currently being developed as an additional option for experiencing mixed reality. The handheld display can be used in showrooms, exhibitions, and meeting rooms where it’s impractical to use MREAL’s head-mounted display.

The SIGGRAPH conference and expo attracts thousands of computer graphics and interactive technology professionals who want to learn about research and emerging technologies for animation, music, gaming, interactivity, education, art, and the web.


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