Learn to Focus Your Art Marketing Efforts at Guerrilla Marketing for Visual Artists Webinar

BarneyDaveyARTISTS. Art marketing expert Barney Davey will present a two-hour webinar “Guerrilla Marketing for Visual Artists” on Thursday, October 10. The webinar will run from 1 to 3 pm ET (4 to 6 pm, PT) The registration fee is $29.

The event will be hosted by J. Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery in Scottdale, Arizona.

“Barney has been working for some time to develop a new workshop that speaks to the many challenges and opportunities that face an artist today,” says Horejs. “I’ve always done well when I’ve listened to Barney’s guidance, and I encourage you to register for this new workshop so that you can tap into Barney’s clear vision and advice.”

During the workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Determine what is most valuable to you in your career
  • Develop a list of prospects worth pursuing
  • Bulletproof your career through networking and referrals
  • Mix online marketing, social media and traditional art marketing for exceptional results
  • Coordinate your marketing to wring the best return from every dollar you spend on it

Barney says he understands how hard artists are working to get their careers on track and why many are frustrated with the results.

“The solution is to create reachable goals that work for your situation and your desire,” explains Davey. “Your definition of success is 100% unique to you. If you have been floundering in uncertainty about what to do, or trying to copy someone else’s ideas of how to succeed as an artist, it’s no wonder you’re frustrated.”

He says success in today’s challenging art market requires you to do five things:

  • Set realistic goals that equal your resources
  • Identify your best prospects
  • Create direct sales channels to your collectors
  • Employ powerful marketing tools matched to your capabilities
  • Act on a plausible plan to achieve your goals

GuerillaMarketingforArtistsDavey provides practical advice for getting your art career moving in the right direction. He will discuss art-marketing tools that can get your work seen and sold and explain how to simplify and streamline your art-marketing processes. He will teach you how to focus on the marketing tools at your disposal and increase your sales without spending more time and money on marketing.

“Sometimes we think others were just born with some kind of magic “entrepreneurial lobe” of their brain,” says Davey. “They weren’t. At one time, every artist started where you are right now.”

The Guerrilla Marketing for Artists webinar will help you choose the right art marketing tools and techniques for your art career. You will learn how to break down your marketing processes so you can utilize the components most valuable to you. By emphasizing what works best, you will vastly improve your results.

If you can’t listen to the live webinar on October 10, register now and you will receive a link to the recorded webinar, so you can listen to it at a more convenient time.

About Barney Davey

Barney Davey is a workshop leader, consultant, author, and blogger. Through his advice and counseling, he has helped thousands of visual artists improve their careers. Davey is the author of four books on art marketing, including Amazon.com best selling books “How to Profit from the Art Print Market” and “Guerrilla Marketing For Artists.” 

He also has contributed numerous art business articles to The Artist’s Magazine, Art World News, and Art Business News, among others. Since 2005, he has published more than 500 art marketing and art business articles on his art-business blog: Art Print Issues.


Webinar: Guerilla Marketing for Visual Artists

Book: Guerrilla Marketing for Artists