Galleries HQ Wants to Give Artists Global Exposure via iPhone App

Galleries HQ is a mobile platform that helps visual artists and galleries showcase their creations to the world. The Seattle-based art enthusiasts who founded Galleries HQ are rethinking how the arts community can benefit from the power and ubiquity of mobile devices such as the iPhone. This includes discovering new artists, finding upcoming exhibits, and in the future, managing transactions such as artwork and exhibition ticket sales.

Wayne Bishop and his wife Karen Bishop started working on the Galleries HQ platform in 2010 when they felt that the arts were lagging behind in the application of innovative technology. They self-funded the development of the iPad app that launched in 2012 and promotes the work of 80 artists in a dozen countries.

Now, the Bishops have launched a Kickstarter campaign to extend Galleries HQ platform to the iPhone and bring Galleries HQ to a much larger audience of artists and art lovers globally. The campaign is organized to match potential sponsors with artists. Any individual, business or organization can become a sponsor. The campaign ends November 29, 2013.


“Mobile devices are a great way to reach an increasing number of people interested in art,” said Wayne Bishop. “The rate of people acquiring devices has now outpaced PCs, and desktop purchases are on the decline. As a result, we want to promote artists through tools consumers use the most.”

The Bishops know many artists have stories to tell, but may not have tools to reach groups beyond Facebook and their personal websites.


Galleries HQ

Kickstarter Campaign: Galleries HQ Promoting Fine Art on the iPhone