Workshop Explains How to Live Your Dream as An Artist

BitMyArtLogoBiteMyArt, the online nexus connecting artists and exhibit spaces, has announced an eight-week, interactive online workshop hosted by art-business expert Sian Lindemann.

The course “How to Live Your Dream as an Artist” will meet for 90 minutes every week for eight weeks using the online and interactive GoToMeeting platform that you can access in the comfort of your home or studio. The first session will be held Thursday, October 31 at 2 pm ET (11 am PT).

Art business expert Sian Lindemann
Art business expert Sian Lindemann

“This is about doing what you love, and sharing it by eliminating the fear of selling,” explains Lindemann. She will explain why clarity is everything, and help course participants articulate who they are, what they do, and why they do it. 

To attract the right clients to your art, you will learn how to:

  • define your authentic voice
  • identify your preferred business model
  • speak about your mission and work with professionalism and fluency

The fee for the eight-week course is $897. Enrollment is limited to 10 participants so Sian can work interactively with each artist. Her goal is to inspire the creation of new ideas and works while simultaneously encouraging growth, depth, and scope in the artists she coaches.

Some of the things you will learn during the course include:

● Three ways to create immediate revenue from your circle of influence
● How to use Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to make marketing more personal
● How to syndicate and cross promote to create your own fame
● How use the FAB (Fact, Advantage, Benefit) approach to make sales.
● How to build authentic, long-lasting relationships after the sale

Sian is an accomplished artist with over 30 years of experience in arts promotion, marketing, and career development for artists. She has provided hundreds of artists with practical marketing and financial expertise that has helped them generate more consistent revenues while pursuing their passions.

About BiteMyArt

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Workshop: How to Live Your Dream as an Artist