Feed The Arts Launches Time-Funding Platform for Artists, Writers, Filmmakers

Feed The Arts is a new funding platform designed to change how visual artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians raise money for specific goals and projects. The site’s innovative TimeFunding approach enables fans of the arts to donate “virtual cash” to artists simply by spending time interacting on FeedTheArts.com (taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, etc.).

FeedTheArtsLogoThe money that big corporations might have spent advertising on the site is paid out as “Arts Cash.” You can donate your “Art Cash” to artists who want to fund specific projects, such as writing a book, completing a painting, or recording a song. Or you can use your Arts Cash to buy merchandise that the artists have completed. such as books, CDs, or prints.

Artists who earn Arts Cash can trade for gift cards to one of the service providers who belong to Feed the Arts. Service providers are organizations that help artists produce, distribute, merchandise, or market their work such as recording studios, producers, sound stages and publishers.

From now until April 10, 2014, FeedTheArts.com is throwing an online launch party that features live events, contests, and giveaways of “Arts Cash.” Artists and art lovers are encouraged to join the fun, keeping in mind the common goal of funding creative projects at no cost to the artist or fan.


Feed the Arts