Are You a Master of iPhoneography? Enter Mobile Masters PROOF Contest

If your iPhone images might rank among the best of the nascent Mobile Photography Movement, consider entering them in the Mobile Masters PROOF contest. The contest will help generate interest in the full-day iPhoneography Mobile Masters seminar that will be held March 26 before the 2014 MacWorld/iWorld Conference March 27-29 in San Francisco.


The Mobile Masters workshop will be led by three accomplished professionals in photography, design, production, and art direction. All three are passionate and experienced artists in what they consider a fast-emerging genre of photography. The speakers are:

Registered workshop attendees can enter the contest free. If you can’t attend the seminar, you enter a portfolio of images for $30. Entry deadline is March 2.

Each of the 48 contest winners will receive a feature spread in the second edition of the Mobile Masters iTunes eBook along with other prizes.

MobileMastersE-Book“Our aim is to showcase Mobile Photography as a distinctive new movement in the history of the art form,” explains Dan Marcolina. “Last year’s edition was by invitation only. But with so much exciting work emerging from a diverse range of people, we wanted to invite everyone — from novice to pro — to submit work for inclusion. We want to identify the world’s top 48 artists who are breaking new ground in mobile image discovery and invention.”

Since good work is more about a sustained vision across a body of work (instead of one or two lucky shots), the judges want to see e-portfolios of work submitted via a link to Flickr, Instagram or other site.

If your work is chosen for inclusion, the judges will select six of your images to feature in the e-book. The two entry categories include:

  • Image Discovery: straight shots (street photography) with minimal image manipulation
  • Image Invention: images that use app stacking techniques to create abstracted reality, composite images, or painting-like effects.

To help ensure that the results will serve as a historical record of the best work in this emerging new evolution in photography, the Mobile Masters PROOF content will be judged by three experts in traditional photography and three experts in mobile photography. The winners will be announced on March 26 and your images will be shown at MacWorld/iWorld.

iPhoneography Mobile Masters Workshop

MobileMastersImageIf you want to fine-tune your mobile photography skills, the all-day (10 am to 5 pm) workshop can be a good place to start. Marcolina, Hollingsworth and Kuster have researched and refined the best workflows for shooting, using apps, and sharing images. They will not just teach you how they work, but why they choose to do things a certain way.

At the iPhoneography workshop held at the 2013 Macworld/iWorld, the seminar leaders discussed how mobile photography was crossing the threshold of viability and acceptability. Now, they believe the public has begun to recognize that mobile photography is unleashing a vast new genre of art, products and services.

They regard the Mobile Masters PROOF competition as way to prove to the world that mobile photography is maturing as an art form.


Mobile Masters PROOF Contest

Mobile Masters Workshop at MacWorld/iWorld

Mobile Masters E-Book on iTunes


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