Spyder 3D World Gives Designers a New Online 3D Printing Destination

spyder_logos_vector2DESIGNERS. Spyder 3D World is a brand-new interactive marketplace to showcase 3D innovations from designers around the world.

“3D printing is opening new worlds of opportunity for creativity and advances in art, science and manufacturing. At Spyder 3D World we wanted to create a space where all of these elements can come together, where designs are celebrated and shared, where students learn from masters, and where anyone in the far corner of the globe can compete with a large corporation to sell their ideas,” said Joe Bloomfield, founder and CEO of Spyder 3D World.

Part Marketplace, Part Free Showcase

Today there are communities that either sell or share designs. Spyder 3D World combines the best of both worlds by offering 3D designers a marketplace where they can choose to monetize their work or just share it.

Spyder 3D World

The Spyder 3D World blog highlights new and interesting work by designers. Recently showcased designers are from France, Mexico and Southern California. New designers are welcome.

“Our members are sharing cool and imaginative designs that show there’s no limit to what can be created with 3D printing,” added Bloomfield.

The Future of 3D Printing Here Today

Within the past year, significant feats have been accomplished with 3D printing technology including the 3D printing of 10 houses in Shanghai. A Flordia father printed a prosthetic hand printed for his 6-year-old son and the US Army announced it will consider 3D printing food on the front lines.From musical instruments and medical devices to food, toys and shoes, 3D printing is changing nearly every industry and bringing the concept of personal manufacturing to reality.

According to Gartner Research, 3D printing is “accelerating to mainstream adoption” and is expected to create new product lines and markets at a rapid pace.

Advanced printer technology and more affordable printers are creating widespread interest in 3D printing. Spyder 3D World is kicking off the community with a social media sweepstakes to give away an Airwolf AW3D HDx printer to one lucky winner. Airwolf 3D uses its own printers to produce parts for new machines. Visit to Spyder 3D World Facebook page for details.



Facebook: Spyder 3D World

Gartner Report: “How 3D Printing Disrupts Business and Creates New Opportunities.”