Metaio Offers Augmented Reality Creator Plug-In for Adobe InDesign

DESIGNERS. If you are looking for ways to make printed displays, packages, or posters more interactive, try adding a layer of augmented reality (AR). Metaio’s new plug-in for Adobe InDesign makes it easy to do.

Metaio Augmented Reality Creator plug-in for Adobe InDesign
Metaio Augmented Reality Creator plug-in for Adobe InDesign

With the new plug-in you can build and deploy augmented-reality experiences without leaving InDesign. You can construct tracking markers, then augment your InDesign layouts with AR content.

Metaio is a world leader in augmented reality research and technology. The company develops software products for creating visually interactive experiences that bridge the physical and virtual worlds. Users view the layer of AR content through the camera on their smartphone or tablet. Companies such as IKEA, Lego, Macy’s, and Toyota are a few of the brands that have used Metaio AR technology to make their marketing communications more engaging.

“By providing easy-to-learn AR functionality right inside Adobe InDesign, we are giving millions of creative professionals the ability to create original Augmented Reality experiences,” said Michael Kuhn of Metaio. “It is extremely important to Metaio that when users enter the world of Augmented Reality compelling content is waiting there for them.”

With the plug-in, you can not only create tracking marker,s but also evaluate them for tracking stability. A 3-star rating system lets you know whether your page design is suitable for AR. Once the page is optimized, you can insert images or embed videos and live hyperlinks. The images, videos, and web content that have been added to the augmented-reality layer then become visible when viewed through a tablet or smartphone.

You can also launch your project directly into Metaio Creator, a powerful, dedicated AR authoring tool.

You can deploy your work for free through the Junaio AR browser (iOS and Android) or even as a standalone app.

In October, Metaio gave live demonstrations of the plug-in at the Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles and InsideAR Munich: The Augmented Reality Conference.

The Metaio AR Creator Plug-in is available through the Adobe Exchange Store.



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