I started Creatives at Work in 2011 as a way to track ongoing changes in business, culture, and technology that might affect the fortunes of creative professionals.

When I edited a digital printing magazine in the mid-1990s and early 2000s, futurists were predicting that advances in digital printing, imaging, and communications would foster a golden age of creativity and self-expression. On this blog, you will find many examples of how those predictions have come true.

The rapid, simultaneous development of digital imaging, digital printing, and online communications technologies have enabled individuals of all ages and backgrounds to become creative entrepreneurs.

We can start and grow our own businesses in art, design, photography, video ,writing, and publishing.

Today, anyone with a smartphone can shoot, edit, and sell photographs. Anyone with a tablet or computer can write, publish and promote a a book. And anyone can learn how to design, market, and sell products, including apparel, gifts, posters, accessories, or home goods.

Hopefully, Creatives at Work will help you find ideas and resources that can help you anticipate how ongoing changes in technology will affect the future demand for creative services.

We also want you to be inspired by the successes of other creative professionals and aware of new resources that can help you update or expand your skills.

To share ideas and knowledge, please send news releases or blog-post ideas to [email protected]

Eileen Fritsch, Editor