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At Creatives at Work, we would love to publish guest posts or publicize books and news releases that can answer one or more of the following questions:

If I want to branch out into a new field of creative work (e.g., photography, videography, interactive design, app design, art, game design, or self-publishing), what books, conferences, or online resources can help me improve my technical, artistic, or business skills?

Cross-Training: What resources exist to make it easier to market my books, photography, videography, design services, freelance writing, or art?

Income: What steps can I take to earn more money from my art, design skills, writing, photography, or videography?

Services: What services are available to help me manufacture or market my creative products and services?

Apps: What apps and iPhone accessories are available to help me do more with my tablet or smartphone?  (e.g. make low-cost videos for my blog or website).

Trends: What trends or technologies are emerging today that might change the livelihoods of artists, photographers, writers, and designers (either by creating new demands for their services or disrupting the markets for their work)?

Advice: What can I learn from other creative professionals who have tried something new (e.g. self-publishing, printmaking, user-experience design, 3D printing, social media, online marketing)?

Bootstrapping a New Business: How can I avoid expensive mistakes when pursuing my dream of earning money through my art, writing, photography, filmmaking, or design?