3D Systems and United Nude Collaborate on 3D Printable Shoes

DESIGNERS. In the process of researching a magazine feature story on 3D printing, I gathered dozens of examples of how 3D printing will change how and where products are manufactured. Many of these changes will open plenty of opportunities for designers worldwide. For example, imagine creating shoe designs that can be downloaded and printed in a store or in the customer’s home. The highlights from the press release (below) show how two companies are joining forces to help make that concept come to life.

3D Systems is collaborating with fashion brand United Nude to deliver a new line of 3D-printed wearable shoes. The “Float” shoes are uniquely designed for immediate home printing on the new Cube® 3 desktop 3D printer and will push the boundaries of what’s possible using 3D System’s most affordable home printer. The Float shoes will also be available at United Nude’s flagship retail store in Soho, Manhattan. United Nude plans to offer live, in-store manufacturing and feature continuous shoe printing in the store window. This is the first fashion-focused 3D printing retail experience in the United States, expanding on United Nudes’ successful Regent Street, London installation.

Files for United Nudes' Float Shoes can be downloaded from the United Nudes website and printed at home or in-store on the new Cube 3D printer.
Files for United Nudes’ Float Shoes can be downloaded from the United Nudes website and printed at home or in-store on the new Cube 3D printer.

“After pioneering wearable, 3D-printed shoes using a state-of-the-art Selective Laser Sintering 3D printer, we are thrilled to deliver fully functional, 3D-printed shoes designed for an affordable home desktop printer,” said Rem D Koolhaas, founder of United Nude. “This design is about creating something beautiful and interesting; it’s about experimenting, moving forward and learning along the way.”

Priced at $999, Cube 3 is the only dual material, plug-and-play, kid-safe certified 3D printer that is easy to own and affordable to operate. From fashion to decor to everyday items, with the Cube 3 you can print what you desire and what you need. Cube 3 comes with two starter cartridges and 25 exclusive designs to get printing quickly and love what you make.

The Float Shoe is available at the United Nude website (www.unitednude.com) and in the NYC store at 25 Bond Street. Cube 3 is available for purchase on Cubify.com.


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