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Thriving-Artist-Summit-Square-1-LargeArtist and designer Bonnie Glendinning is striving to empower artists while making art more accessible to a broader universe of buyers.

She founded The Thriving Artist Summit and Thriving Artist Academy to help you develop the business skills you need to build the type of art career you really want.

Bonnie is also the founder of, an online, curated gallery that sells museum-quality prints to anyone who appreciates quality contemporary art but isn’t yet comfortable investing in higher-priced originals.

Thriving Artist Summit

The Thriving Artist Summit (January 5-18, 2015) is a free, online gathering designed to help artists, designers, and makers take their creative businesses to the next level. Through a series of hour-long interviews that Bonnie has conducted, artists, experts, and mentors will discuss how to:

  • build your brand for your ideal buyers
  • price for real profit and growth
  • increase sales marketing, PR, and social media
  • diversify into licensing, wholesale, and direct-to-consumer sales
  • get into galleries and shows
  • raise project funds
  • develop your creative practice

Some of the artists, experts, and mentors who will be featured in the 2015 Thriving Artist Summit include:

  • Brand Strategist Shenee Howard
  • Photographer and Selfie Expert Vivienne McMaster
  • Agent, Author and Artist Lilla Rogers
  • Publisher Tom Morkes
  • Fine Artist and Illustrator Lisa Congdon
  • Mixed Media Artist Tamara Laporte
  • Jewelry Designer and Mentor Tracy Matthews
  • Business Strategist Tara Gentile
  • Teacher Karen Gunton
  • Artist Owen Garratt
  • Choreographer and Teacher Gina Morris
  • Writer Kristen Fischer
  • Artist and Designer Jessica Swift
  • Author and Teacher Samantha Bennett
  • Gallery Owner Jason Horejs
  • Marketing Mentor Ilse Benun
  • Art Marketing Advisor Barney Davey
  • Designer and Editor Jess Van Den
  • Business Strategist April Bowles-Onin
  • Artist Coach Gwenda Joyce
  • Indie Retail Expert Clare Yuille
  • Creative Business Coach Lisa Jacobs

If you are too busy to listen to the interviews during the first half of January, you can sign up to get a discount for purchasing the Summit audios for anytime access.


Through this online gallery of colorful modern art, art lovers can buy museum-quality, limited-edition art prints at prices starting at just $25 for the smallest size.

Bonnie Glendinning founded in 2009 to help artists reach a wider audience and enable visitors to discover new artists. One of the gallery’s missions is to help build relationships between artists and collectors. As she explains in the guidelines for artist submissions: “We want buyers to learn about you as an artist, enjoy your art, and collect your art throughout your career.”

The site’s philosophy is to showcase contemporary art one artist at a time: “Art is to be savored, not consumed….We believe that the more collectors can learn about you the artist, the greater their interest will be in collecting your art.”

Artmuse looks for artists who are committed to their artistic vision, philosophy, and craft. While they aren’t seeking a specific style or medium, they do look for a “combined continuity of intention, inspiration, execution of an artistic vision, and perspective.” Your art should also work well in printed form. This typically includes drawing, mixed media, painting, photography or watercolors.


The Thriving Artist Academy

The 2015 Thriving Artist Summit Artist Submission Guidelines

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Business Conference for Artists and Art Fair Professionals

2012 Arts Festival Conference PosterTo learn more about how to sell art through arts festivals, check out the 2012 Arts Festival Conference scheduled for Thursday, September 6 and Friday, September 7 at the Avenue Crowne Plaza Hotel in Chicago.

Presented by ZAPP®, the Arts Festival Conference offers business-development sessions for both arts-festival organizers and visual artists. This program for the 2012 Arts Festival Conference features sessions on:

  • Storytelling with Data
  • Building Your Brand
  • Ingenious Innovation: What Shows Do Right
  • Art Business for Artists
  • How Public Art Can Benefit the Arts Festival and Artists
  • Tech Trends and New Tools to Benefit You

During the Symposium session from 9 am to noon on Friday, you can listen in on a high-level panel discussion of art-business trends and industry changes, cultural policy and the larger arts and culture landscape, and inventive ideas.

On Friday afternoon, a public portfolio critique session will give you a behind-the-scenes view of what happens after you submit entries to an arts festival. A mock jury of art professionals will discuss image submissions in terms of composition, technical presentation, artistic presentation, or image quality.

All artists and art-festival administrators are welcome to register for The 2012 Arts Festival Conference. You don’t have to be a ZAPP® user to attend. Special day-pass rates are available for Chicago-area residents. Register now at

About ZAPP
ZAPP is an online application and adjudication system that was launched in 2004. More than 500 art shows and cultural events now use ZAPP to manage their application, administration, and jury processes online. More than 60,000 visual artists are currently registered with the ZAPP system.

ZAPP is managed by WESTAF, a non-profit arts service organization dedicated to the creative development, advancement, and preservation of the arts regionally and through a national network of clients and alliances.


The 2012 Arts Festival Conference

About ZAPP

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